From Backyard CARMEN to the Met Opera

Phebe spent every summer for 10 years in Central City. She and the other kids, children of the CCO staff, singers and orchestra players, would watch every opera rehearsal and memorize every song. Then they’d string up a sheet on a clothesline and put on their own versions of the operas, sometimes with the star actors from the show cheering them on! In Central City, Phebe learned how to listen and appreciate opera as an art form.

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Embracing each other’s humanity through art. Q&A with our Development Administrative Coordinator

Central City Opera means resilience and community to me. As I was wrapping up my graduate degree and looking for work, this was the first organization that I encountered that was brainstorming new ways to bring their art to their patrons and discovering opportunities to bring people together safely. I am beyond excited to join an organization that strengthens in adversity…

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Director of Marketing & Communications

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Associate Director of Marketing & Communications