Central City Opera owns and maintains 27 historic buildings built in Central City between 1860 and 1900.

We offer scheduled tours for groups with reservations in advance. Please contact Historic Properties Director Eric Chinn to schedule your tour!

The Gilpin Historical Society also offers tours throughout the week. Visit for more info.

Our staff is also available for virtual presentations on the history of Central City Opera. These sessions can be tailored toward your groups’ interest. Please contact for more information on booking and costs.

Virtual Property Tours

The McFarlane House

At 217 Eureka Street in Central City, there is a residence that has great historical significance in the state of Colorado, with roots dating back to the Western pioneers of the past. The occupation of the home parallels in a number of ways the transformation that the town itself has undergone – from boom town to cultural center.

The Johnson House

With over 150 years of history, the Johnson House at 201 Eureka has stood as a testament to love, loss and the resilience of the town it inhabits. Its connection to Central City Opera is more binding than sharing the same street; the people who lived in and restored the home over time have ingrained within its walls the same love they held for the Opera.

The Pink House

For decades, The Pink House at 109 Spruce Street in Central City was a hotspot of summer entertainment and relaxation for cast members and production crew alike. As its ownership has changed hands throughout the years, The Pink House remains a place central to the opera’s presence in the town and a historical reminder of the golden years.