Yoga and the Voice with Ruth L. Carver is a workshop offered by Central City Opera that combines the art and science of both singing technique and yoga practices to enhance students’ understanding of the mind/body/spirit connection and confidence in unleashing their own authentic voice. Check out five free mini-lessons from Ruth to try out during your time at home!

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Join Ruth L. Carver in a practice to ground the body and mind. We begin by becoming deeply aware of alignment during standing (tadasana), try making sounds as we activate the pelvic floor and the whole body, and end with a seated meditation to return to the senses and enjoy stillness.


We pair physical gestures with breath and then sound and observe our habitual patterns. Singers will prepare the body for singing legato musical phrases with a strong yet supple physical alignment, including a seated variation that is especially nice for choral singers. Try the standing and/or seated variation in this 10-minute practice.

Breath of Joy

Take some time for yourself today with this special sample of our Yoga and the Voice Workshops, presented in collaboration with Ruth L. Carver. Yoga and the Voice workshops combine the art and science of both singing technique and yoga practices to connect mind/body/spirit, amplify confidence and unleash the authentic voice.

Ratio Breathing

This 5 minute exercise gives the mind and body time to cultivate steadiness and ease in the breath and to awaken all the muscles of the breathing apparatus. The breath is intimately linked with the mental state, and understanding the breath further can aid in a meditative approach to using it for singing.

Cat/Cow & Robin’s Breath

Today’s exercise is all about the spine and the movements of the spine. Why is the spine important for singing, you might ask? Well, everything in our body is structured around the spine. So that includes everything we use for singing.