School Programs

Due to COVID-19, these programs may not be currently available. Please see our Virtual Programming options instead or contact for more information.

Central City Opera comes to your school! Our programs are designed to support academic standards and curriculum while engaging children with original, fast-paced and interactive storytelling through song. These engagement programs are designed to be performed in your space, in most areas of Colorado and southern Wyoming. We work directly with educators, community leaders, students and parents to make these offerings relevant, educational and entertaining. Pricing applies to seven counties within metro Denver; additional fees apply for locations outside this area.

Mozart & Friends

Mozart and fellow composers mined the riches of great literature and fairy tales to create some of the world’s comic masterworks. Children are invited to help bring to life scenes from hilarious stories originally envisioned by the likes of Shakespeare and the Brothers Grimm, and to learn about the magic of telling stories through song.

  • Grades K-6
  • Performed by 3 singers and pianist
  • 50 minutes + 5-10 minute Q&A
  • $490 single/$590 double (back-to-back)*
  • Colorado Academic Standards: Music, Reading, Writing, World Languages
  • Available year round — Scholarships available
  • Listen to: Mozart & Friends title song


Eureka Street

With funny and fascinating opera characters as your tour guides, discover Central City’s Eureka Street! You’ll meet prospectors, lumberjacks and divas from stories by Rossini, Shakespeare and other favorites. Selected students join the cast and, with help from the audience, discover all kinds of golden nuggets about great stories, history, music and rhythm.

  • Grades K-6
  • Performed by 3 singers and pianist
  • 50 minutes + 5-10 minute Q&A
  • $490 single/$590 double (back-to-back)*
  • Colorado Academic Standards: Music, Reading, Writing, World Languages
  • Available year round — Scholarships available
  • Listen to: Eureka Street title song


“Before your wonderful performance I personally did not think I would enjoy the opera.  As soon as I walked into the gym I just knew you were going to be great.  You were very funny and taught me a lot. You did things that blew my mind.  I really want to thank you for all the happiness and joy you brought to our school.”


Morton Elementary, Pueblo

how the west was sung

Frontier history comes alive through the stories of Leadville Silver King Horace Tabor and his beautiful wife Baby Doe; Molly Brown, known as Unsinkable; Clara Brown, freed slave and Colorado pioneer; and other assorted western characters.

  • Grades 3-8
  • Performed by 3 singers, narrator, and pianist
  • 50 minutes + 5-10 minute Q&A
  • $490 single/$590 double (back-to-back)*
  • Colorado Academic Standards: Music, Reading, Writing, History
  • Available year round — Scholarships available
  • Listen to: How the West was Sung title song


Opera Up Close

Opera Up Close is now available as a FREE, online course!

For a limited time, Central City Opera is offering free access to this course. 

In-depth explorations of opera and musical storytelling for smaller classroom settings. Free add-on to any school assembly program or $6 per student on its own. Spanish-speaking teaching artists are available to present to bilingual classrooms.

  • Grades K-12
  • Presented by one teaching artist (Spanish-speaking teaching artists available)
  • 45 minutes (includes Q & A)
  • $6 per student on its own; FREE add-on to any school assembly program
  • Intended for classroom-size audiences, max 35 students
  • Available year round 

“The teaching artist took the time to listen to the students interests and questions.  She was engaging and seamlessly integrated her planned presentation with the students questions…The videos enthralled the students.” 


Kemp Elementary, Commerce City

en mis palabras/in my own words

This 50-minute bilingual (English/Spanish) opera addresses the universal theme of coming of age - finding your own voice and learning who you amid parental expectations and peer influences.

  • Grades 6-12 and family audiences
  • Performed by 4 singers, pianist and classical guitarist
  • 50 minutes + 10 minute Q&A
  • $750 for one performance
  • Colorado Academic Standards: Music, Reading, Writing and Communicating, World Language, Social Studies, Theater — Resources and related lesson plans available online (English and Spanish) 
  • Available year round — Scholarships available
  • Listen to: En Mis Palabras, Scene 1


Music! Words! Opera! Residency

Students create and perform a musical story. The process of researching and scripting a story and writing/composing lyrics and music develops problem-solving and team skills through practical applications of core disciplines like math, reading/writing and social studies. Experienced Teaching Artists assist in applying methods from Opera America’s Music! Words! Opera! curriculum.

  • Suitable for classrooms — Adaptable to Grade
  • Length varies according to program and needs of classroom
  • Cost varies
  • Colorado Academic Standards: Varies — Resources and related lesson plans available online
  • Available year round — Scholarships available


The students were so surprised and awestruck. We had mini operas in all classes -with multiple conflicts and usually happy resolutions!

Skyline Vista Elementary


Producing opera requires knowledge and experience from many different fields. Call on Central City Opera’s Teaching Artists to help augment your curriculum in STEM subjects, music, dance, theater and world languages. Students gain confidence and technique in workshops or master classes in singing, instrumental music, composition, stagecraft, movement or any other related activity. Master classes can include a short performance by artists followed by individual or group coaching.

Two popular STEM workshops are Science of Singing (led by a Doctor of Singing) where students watch and experience how sound waves and harmonics are produced and manipulated by the human voice and Cooking and Fractions (led by a CCO orchestra musician who is a chef) where students apply various math techniques to recipes and discover how bodies are instruments that need to be fueled.

Yoga and the Voice Workshops/Masterclasses with Ruth L. Carver

Yoga and the Voice workshops combine the art and science of both singing technique and yoga practices to enhance students’ understanding of the mind/body/spirit connection and confidence in unleashing their own authentic voice. Students work through a sequence designed to unlock the energy centers of the body, increase awareness of alignment and posture, and expand the senses and imagination. Many renowned singers understand the power of yoga in its physical, breathing, and mental techniques. Students walk away with a deeper sense of how their voice operates within the body and the neuroscience behind meditation and alignment tools. These tools can be applied to singing, speaking, and the rest of life!

  • Suitable for classrooms, grades 6-12
  • Cost: $145 for workshop; $210 for masterclass using a CCO-provided pianist (no extra cost if school provides their own pianist)
  • Length varies according to needs of the classroom; option to combine with a Yoga and the Voice masterclass to see these tools in action with individual students
  • Available year round
  • Scholarships available