Music, Words, Opera! In-school residency at West Jefferson Elementary School

Joshua Zabatta, Teaching Artist in action during Music Words Opera Residency

Students wrote the whole musical including the lyrics to the songs.  They were able to perform in their strength area by singing, acting, writing, playing an instrument, and creating backdrops.  Every student was able to shine in our performance to the entire school community.  People told us that we should have won an Academy Award!  We are so excited to work with the Central City Opera again this year.

Nancy Aubin & Lori Harrison

3rd Grade Teachers, West Jefferson Elementary

Musical Menagerie – Songs About Animals at Children’s Hospital of Colorado

Oliver Poveda, Touring Artist at rehearsal for Musical Menagerie with the Wild Boar

I was genuinely awed when Central City Opera’s Musical Menagerie made a visit to Children’s Hospital Colorado and performed for the pediatric patients here.  The experience was profoundly surreal for not only the patients, but for staff like me as well.  I appreciated the energy, vibe, cute humor, and joyful peace that the world-class musicians exuded in the performance.  Art is healing.  Music is healing.  What cooler way to help our patients heal on a variety of levels (physically, mentally, emotionally) than having an actual opera be brought to them?  It was simply amazing to see a brilliant collaboration of medicine and the arts interwoven together for the noble purpose of serving others.  Well done and thank you Central City Opera!

Alexander Tran

Researcher, Department of Pediatric Hematology & Oncology; University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Central City Opera’s Magical Menagerie was a joy to host at Children’s Hospital Colorado. I was incredibly grateful for the attention to detail from Daniela to create a unique experience including song, puppets, and giveaways for the kids that could travel across our facility to reach multiple populations. The music and spirited performance brought smiles and laughter to patients, families, and staff. I’ll never forget watching the 6th floor nurses gathering to catch a glimpse in the hall, the comments from families in the atrium about what a special experience this was, or the look of wonder on the kid’s faces in our Pediatric Mental Health Institute as the opera took them on an animal adventure (complete with stickers and animal face masks!). The level of professionalism from the whole Central City Opera team made a day of travelling across many units with multiple performances go smoothly. Any time I bring art into the hospital, I hope for magic, and Central City Opera definitely delivered! This was the first time we have been able to bring a travelling art program to the hospital since COVID, and I would highly recommend Magical Menagerie to any organization.

Jasmine Chu, MA

Arts Coordinator, Ponzio Creative Arts Therapy Program, Children’s Hospital Colorado

 Touring Artist experience in Frida Kahlo and the Bravest Girl in the World

Melaina Mills, Touring Artist performing in Frida Kahlo and the Bravest Girl in the World

As a touring artist with Central City for the past two years, I have had invaluable career opportunities and fulfilling artistic experiences. Sharing music with children is incredibly special, and the opportunity to do this so frequently in “Frida Kahlo and the Bravest Girl in the World” was such a gift. This show has many important messages, and it felt very empowering to bring opera with such a strong and positive theme to communities of children who would otherwise not have any exposure to opera. Working as a touring artist also allowed me to keep my skills sharp as a singer when there were not very many opportunities available because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I learned to adapt to performing in many different environments, and I was also able to grow my professional network by connecting with many other great singers and artists in the Colorado community. I am very grateful for my time as a CCO touring artist!

Melaina Mills

Soprano, CCO Touring Artist 2021-2023, Apprentice Artist Festival Season 2024

Opera on the Go: Inside the Orchestra’s Tiny Tots with Central City Opera Singer Chloe Scull

Chloe Scull, Touring Artist after performing the Queen of the Night during Tiny Tots Outer Space concert

It was awesome. It was beautiful music and I think it doesn’t pander to children because it treats them like the respect worthy, intelligent beings they are who can really connect with beautiful music and opera and classical music. … This concert is of incredible quality and being able to develop real meaningful friendships and relationships with these kids is indescribable. She (the baby) might not be able to communicate in language yet, but she is connecting with her whole body, and we build in knowledge every minute of our lives.


after attending Inside the Orchestra Performance


Student at Munroe Elementary conducting during a reading of a Bilingual Spanish-English Opera Story Time at a Denver Area Title I School

Every time I sing, I get chills. But they go to a whole, new,  incredible level when a kid in the audience suddenly gets so excited about your voice that he closes his eyes and starts conducting you. I feel like a million dollars when these little guys shower us with their honest and loving cheers and clapping. You don’t need to speak a foreign language to understand the magic of oepra. You just need to be. I have the best job in the world!

Daniela Guzmán

Touring Artist, Central City Opera

Thank you to the Xcel Energy Foundation for their generous support of our Education and Community Engagement programs!