Yoga and the Voice Workshops/Masterclasses

With Ruth L. Carver

Yoga and the Voice workshops combine the art and science of both singing technique and yoga practices to enhance students’ understanding of the mind/body/spirit connection and confidence in unleashing their own authentic voice. 

Students work through a sequence designed to unlock the energy centers of the body, increase awareness of alignment and posture, and expand the senses and imagination. 

Many renowned singers understand the power of yoga in its physical, breathing, and mental techniques. Students walk away with a deeper sense of how their voice operates within the body and the neuroscience behind meditation and alignment tools. These tools can be applied to singing, speaking, and the rest of life!


  • Suitable for classrooms, grades 6-12
  • Cost: $145 for workshop; $210 for masterclass using a CCO-provided pianist (no extra cost if school provides their own pianist)
  • Length varies according to needs of the classroom; option to combine with a Yoga and the Voice masterclass to see these tools in action with individual students
  • Available year round
  • Scholarships available

Although adaptable to each setting, a standard 1-hour workshop can consist of a brief overview of the anatomy of singing and breathing, a sequence of yoga postures designed to unlock the energy centers (chakras) of the body, and use of mantras and vowel sounds to understand how these postures relate to the voice. This may conclude with group singing of a song or chant. A brief introduction to meditation techniques may also be included, as well as practice in postural alignment for sitting and standing while singing. Mats are helpful but not necessary. Students should wear comfortable, non-constricting clothing for movement.

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Ruth L. Carver

Ruth L. Carver


Ruth L. Carver is a singer, teacher, and yoga practitioner herself.  With performance degrees from the Peabody Conservatory and University of Missouri-Kansas City, she has a wealth of experience in the performing arts and opera in particular.

She is certified in Anusara Elements™, Yoga for All, and YogaVoice, and brings her own unique perspective on how these methodologies can be used to understand singing, performing, and practicing.

Her years of experience have given her a strong ability to notice subtle changes and to help unleash the stories we tell through our bodies and voices.

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