Car Donations

Donate your car to support Central City Opera

Central City Opera has partnered with Vehicles for Charity to process all of our vehicle donations. If you are interested in donating a car, truck, motorcycle, boat, or camper, just contact at Vehicles of Charity and tell them you have an auto you’d like to donate to Central City Opera. Vehicles for Charity will take care of the rest, including picking up your car, transferring the title, auctioning the vehicle, and transferring the proceeds to Central City Opera.

Vehicles can be donated at any time and the process is easy:

  • Call Vehicles for Charity (1.866.628.2277) or complete the online car donation form.
  • The vehicle is usually picked up in 3-5 days at the donor’s convenience.
  • Please provide a clean title and make sure the vehicle has no major damage.
  • A receipt for the donation will be sent as a follow-up in the mail which can be used for tax purposes.

If you need help completing the donation form, or you have questions about the vehicle donation process, call 1.866.628.2277 and we will arrange your donation.