Behind the scenes roles at an opera company are vital in keeping the organization running smoothly. There’s usually an entire department devoted to getting the word out about company productions in order to fill up those seats in the theater. On the marketing team at Central City Opera, Associate Director of Marketing & Communications Erin Osovets uses her experience in the music industry and at various non-profits to publicize the festival season, promote Development and Education events and coordinate marketing materials to help set CCO apart from its competition. Meet Erin!

What do you do in your role at Central City Opera?

If you’ve held a piece of CCO branded material in your hands, I probably helped develop it! I handle the majority of our print communications that are distributed to the public, donors and educators. Working closely with our graphic designer, Melissa Rick, I conceptualize what each piece should look like, what the message is and who it will reach. Once we have a design proof, I coordinate with printers and mail houses to get it into homes. I also collaborate with all of our internal departments on developing collateral for our summer festival and special events throughout the year, such as the annual Theatre of Dreams Gala, the Guild’s L’Esprit Holiday Home Tour, CCO Presents performances and donor engagement events. I work closely with the Marketing Director and Marketing Content Manager on digital communications and public relations for the company and coordinate shoots with our photographers and videographers.

Tell us a bit about your life, education and career before Central City Opera (CCO).

I was a Journalism and Music Business major and went to graduate school for Community Development. I always felt drawn to the entertainment industry but also enjoyed working at nonprofits where I could see a difference being made in the lives of people. Central City Opera checks both of those boxes (and more!) I spent six years as a publicist in the electronic dance music industry with clients who are high profile DJs, producers, vocalists and record labels. Prior to that, I worked at a free speech legal advocacy nonprofit in Philadelphia and a marketing agency that developed digital platforms for media companies.

Erin in Central City


How did you make your way into the field of opera? Why does the artform appeal to you? 


Central City Opera introduced me to opera but I was a fan of musical theater prior to working here. When I was in high school, I would drive to Jersey City, take the PATH train into Manhattan and spend hours wandering around the city (before the age of cell phones and GPS – I was brave and stupid.) The atmosphere around Broadway was always very inspiring and I wanted to live in NYC when I was older. Life took me down other paths but my love for the arts has remained. Opera cuts right to your soul when you hear it live. It’s impossible not to get goosebumps and be captivated by the power of these singers.

Tell us about your world outside your position at CCO.


I’m married with a 7-year-old daughter and am pretty settled into life in Denver, having lived here for almost 12 years. We’re currently renovating a 1960’s A-frame cabin in Florissant, where we spend most weekends exploring off-road trails and making friends with the deer who come by. My parents recently moved to Colorado and we’re enjoying spending more time with them. We’re also raising a naughty calico kitten who we took in from the streets.

Erin with her husband and daughter

Erin with her mischevious kitten

What’s your personal mission statement? Why do you do what you do?

Carpe P.M. – Seize the Night. JK, I enjoy sleeping too much these days to go out anywhere. But I definitely could not live without music and how it brings people together across nationalities, religions, race, etc.

What does Central City Opera mean to you? 

To me, Central City Opera is the epitome of Colorado history. From the miners who built the Opera House and surrounding cottages, to the beginnings of the festival in 1932 by two forward-thinking women, to the young artists and seasoned performers we bring to the town every summer…there is something for everyone to discover at Central City Opera. It is truly a gem and must be preserved.

Erin at the 2021 L’Esprit De Noël Holiday Home Tour with CCO Director of Development, Katie Nicholson and CCO’s previous Guild President, Karen Ritz