We’re excited to introduce our newest staff member, as of fall 2020, Development Administrative Coordinator Elisabeth Boyce. Fresh off her master’s in Arts Administration, Elisabeth is an active volunteer in the Denver community enthusiastic about most any artistic genre you can name. You’ll surely get to know her quickly as our staff liaison for the Central City Opera Guild and MUCH more. Read on to learn what makes her tick!

Tell us briefly about your life, education and career before Central City Opera (CCO). 

I have been involved in the performing arts for as long as I can remember; I started taking dance classes at the age of three. I had the opportunity to live in many cities growing up and received a diverse education in theatre, music, dance and visual art. At the University of Northern Colorado, I pursued a degree in Theatre Arts: Acting but fell in love with the business elements required to mount a production. From there, I decided to pursue a master’s degree in Arts Administration and gained in-depth experience in development, educational programming, non-profit finances and arts advocacy. During this time, I was able to work for a small art museum in rural Utah and serve on the board of the Utah Shakespeare Festival.

Elisabeth bonded with the Bard while serving on the Board of the Utah Shakespeare Festival.

How did you make your way into the field of opera? Why does the art form appeal to you? 

“I don’t know if I found opera, or if it found me.”

I have always been amazed with the art form; specifically, its elegant combination of the performing arts. However, I am most drawn to the emphasis on music and the extraordinary vocal instruments within the artists. Music can be powerful and humankind’s ability to express through song is unparalleled.

What do you do day-to-day at Central City Opera?

I am responsible for maintaining the system of information used by our development team. I am helping to establish policies and procedures that make our system more effective and efficient to create more time for building relationships with donors to Central City Opera. I am also the liaison from the development team to other departments or branches of CCO, such as the Central City Opera Guild.

Tell us about your world and work outside your position at CCO.

As of December of last year, I am newly married to my best friend. He and I met while attending school at the University of Northern Colorado; we were both campus tour guides. My husband and I settled in the Denver metro area in August, and we are still exploring all that the city has to offer. Recently, I started volunteering with the Athena Project, a Denver-based arts non-profit that supports female artists in all art forms. I have been helping with their advocacy work as so many artists have been struggling, with most arts venues unable to open or offer work due to the pandemic.

What is your personal mission statement, why do you do what you do?

Art has the power to shape a culture. The way we measure our past, whether it be through eras, generations or movements, is defined by the art created in that time. Art is ever-changing. As humankind progresses, so does the art we make. Every member of humanity should have the opportunity to express themselves through art. Creativity and artistic expression teach us how to see the world from another’s perspective; it makes us better problem-solvers and listeners. I want to help build a world where we embrace each other’s humanity through art. 

What does Central City Opera mean to you? 

Not having had the opportunity to see a performance yet, Central City Opera means resilience and community to me. As I was wrapping up my graduate degree and looking for work, so many arts organizations were shuttering their doors and hoping for the best. Central City Opera was the first organization that I encountered to be brainstorming new ways to bring their art to their patrons and discovering opportunities to bring people together, albeit safely.

“I am beyond excited to join an organization that strengthens in adversity, and I cannot wait to experience opera produced by this incredible company.”