Nancy C. Abbott
Raydean Acevedo
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Adalian
Ms. Kris Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Adams
Ms. Barbara J. Ahrens and Mr. Raymond C. Hauschel
Mr. Jeff Aiken
Charles and Joan Albi
Mr. Donald Albrecht
Mr. Bruce Albright
Mr. Edward F. Altman and Dr. Dina Brudenell Altman
Ms. Judy Amico
Ms. Dawn Ammon
Ms. Diane Anderson
Mrs. Lynne Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Anderson
Susanne R. Anselmi
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Armstrong
Armstrong Foundation
Mr. William Arndt
Katy and John Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Bader, Jr.
Carolyn and Ron Baer
Donald K. Bain
Margaret and Stan Baker
Ms. Diane Bakke
Earl D. and Julia A. Banks
Pamela and Louis Bansbach
John Bardeen
John Baril and Brian Cook
Mr. and Mrs. John Barker, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Barron
Mr. Kent Bartlo
Jennifer N. Bater
Peggy A. Battalora, M.D.
Janice H. Baucum
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Baxter
Mr. and Mrs. James Bender
Mrs. Joan Berg
Mr. Mark Berge
Phebe Berkowitz-Tanners
Ms. Elena Berlinsky
Mr. Bruce Bernstein and Ms. Sheryl Hoot
Jack and Karen Berryhill
Ms. Barbara Berryman
Ms. Kathleen Bessinger
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore A. Bickart
John and Colleen Binder
Linda Bjelland
Ms. Sara Blackwelder
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Bluestein
Ms. Barbara Bogaert
Ms. Diane Bogart
Dr. Douglas W. Bolin
Ms. Elizabeth Bond
Bonfils-Stanton Foundation
Ms. Elizabeth Bonney
Ms. Gale Boonstra
Ms. Barbara Boucher
Dan and Samantha Bourgeois
Mr. Lloyd Bowein
Brewster and Helen Boyd
Dr. Eric Boysen and Ms. Carolyn J. Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. John Bradford
Gail B
Ms. Suzanne Brauer
Ms. Jay Breen
Ms. Barbara J. Breslin
Jim and Tabby Briggs
Nancy P. Brittain
Mr. Eric Broder
Mrs. Claire Brooker
Mr. Jeffrey A. Brown
Mr. Daniel Bruce
Mr. Keith Brumbaugh
Mrs. Bonnie Bryant
Mr. John Buckley
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Budy
Mr. Thomas Bunge
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Bunnell Embree
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Burke
Ms. Carol Burks
Heidi Burose
Mr. Daniel Burroughs
Philip and Joann Burstein
Mr. Dean Burton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Burton
Butler Family Fund
Ron and Gordon Butz
Leslie Cady
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Cain
Mr. Gordon Calahan
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Caplan
Mr. Patrick Carfizzi
Ms. Ana Carrera
Ms. Judy Carroll
Ms. Teresa D. Case
Ms. Joyce Castle
Ms. Grayson R. Cecil
Ms. Suzanne Challinor
Marty and John Chamberlin
Ms. Carol Chandler
Gregg Chase
Barrie and Emile Chi
Ms. Amy Christianson
Ms. Carol Clare
Mr. Clarence Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Gray Clark
Ms. Nydia Claudio
Mr. Mark Cleveland
Mrs. Marjorie Clinton
Jill Clymer
Ms. Melissa Cochran
Lew and Enid Cocke
Mr. Eric D. Coggeshall
Gail Cohen and James Dean
Mr. Steven Cohn
Sue Cole
Mr. Terry Collings
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Comstock
Ms. Lillian Connelly
Mr. Robert Cook
Ms. Mary Cooney
Alicia and Greg Corliss
John and Melinda Couzens
Mr. James Cowan
Polly W. Cox
Mr. Thomas Cox
Malin F. Jones and Jan Crewes-Jones
Mr. Stephen Crocker
Nancy R. Crow and Mark Skrotzki
Ms. Barbara Cummings
Mr. Arthur Curtis
Chris and Lisa Curwen
Ms. Carolyn Dacres
Mr. Nick Dadamio
Ms. Karen D’Ambrosio
William E. Daniel
Ms. Charlotte D’Armond Talbert
Ms. Richela Das
Mr. Gerald Davis
Ms. Mina Davis
Ms. Carol Dawson
Ronald L. Deal
Mr. Peter DeBlois
Ms. Maya Debus
Mr. Louis J. Deegan, Jr.
The Monaghan Foundation
Ms. Anita Deshommes
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Dessens
Mr. Michael Dewey
Stephen Dilts
Michael and Sara DiManna
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Dinegar
Mr. Daril Doran
Michelle and Mark Dorman
Mr. James Doss
John W. and Helga D. Doucette
Mrs. Nancy W. Downing
Ms. Kathleen C. Doyle
Ron and Becky Dreasher
Linda Porter and Ken Dresel
Mr. Brian Duchinsky
Cheryl and David Dutton
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Dutton
Mr. David H. Dvorkin
Mr. Stephen A. Edmonds and Mr. Daniel Kopnisky
Ms. Kaye Edwards
Mr. Nick Ehlinger
El Pomar Foundation
Ms. Virginia A. Elrick
Ms. Linda Ely
Ronald Engels and Zane Laubhan
Mr. Ronald Ermold
Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Erzinger
Ms. Rosemary R. Fair and Mr. James R. Weber
Ms. Christine W. Farrel
Mrs. Charles L. Ferguson
Dr. and Mrs. Donald C. Ferlic
Mrs. Beverly Fernald
Mr. and Mrs. Francisco J. Fernandez
Ms. Anna Maria Ferrari
Ms. Jeanine M. Figur
Mr. Stephen G. Fincher
Mr. Paul Finkel
Mr. Scott Finlay and Mr. Thomas J. Duggan
Ms. Gail Fisher
Mrs. Mary Lou H. Flater
Mr. Adam Flatt
Ms. Mary Ann Flynn
Ms. Mary Lee Foster
Mr. Tom Franks
Ms. Nahanni Freeman
Dick and Sigrid Freese
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Frey
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Fuller
Robert K. and Virginia E. Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Furgason
Barbara and Charlie Ferguson Foundation
Mr. Joseph Gaines
Mr. and Mrs. Whitney Galbraith
Ms. Mary Jo Garascia
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Gast
Sidney and Caleb Gates
Mr. Keith Gawlik
Mrs. Heather Gehring
Lloyd and Mary Gelman
Ms. Roberta Genty
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Gephart
Ms. Babs Gerber

Dr. W. Paul Gessner
Ms. Cassandra Giadrina
Mr. and Mrs. Kathy R. Gibson
Tim and Patricia Givens
Mrs. Lillian M. Glahn
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Glenn
Ms. RoseMary Glista
Richard and Rebecca Goozh
Mrs. James P. Gordon
Michael and Susan Grace
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Graham
Ms. Georgette Grandstaff
Mr. Newell M. Grant
Ms. Shelby Green
Dr. Daniel J. Greenholz
Mr. Ryan Gregory
Mr. John Greiner
Ms. Kay Griffel
Chuck and Pat Griffith
Cathy and Greg Groene
Ronald and Elnore Grow
Dr. Steven Gulevich
Gustafson Business Solutions
Ms. Jeanne Habbib
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Hackley
Ms. Mary J. Hagen
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Hall
Ms. Virginia D. Hampton
Richard R. and Carolyn C. Hansen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harada
Dr. Linda J. Hargrave
Ms. Lynn E. Harrington
Carolyn L. Harrison
Mr. Donald Hartmann
Jane Hascall
Mrs. Renee Haskins
Mr. Richard A. Haynes
Kathryn Heider
Mr. and Mrs. John Heitman
Ms. Nora Heitmann
Ms. Cassandra E. Herbert
Ms. Pamela J. Herrlein
Jack Hidahl
Mr. and Mrs. Martin B. Hidalgo
Mr. James R. Hilger, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hill, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Hilt
Mrs. Sarah C. Hite
Ms. Catherine Hoerter
Gail and James D. Hoffman
Jim and Cheryl Hogan
Ms. Annette Hogan-Tracy
Leon Hojegian
Ms. Pam Hollis
Mr. Robert Homiak and Ms. Susan Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Hoover
Ms. Frances Hopp
Ms. Rhonda Horwitz-Romano
Tom and Linda Hughes
Jane A. Hultin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Huseby
Ms. Gloria Hyatt
B.J. and Kristel Hybl
Ms. Barbara J. J. Inama
Ms. Dina Isern
Ms. Hermia James
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jansch
Mr. and Mrs. Lee K. Janssen
Ms. Suszan Jenkins
Charles and Peggy Jernigan
Ms. Charlotte A. Johnson
Kendor Jones and Sharon Harris
Mr. Kevin Jones
Ms. Mary Jones
Ms. Susan Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Juran
Ms. Courtney Kaplan
Jim and Charla Kates
Ms. Deborah Kauffman and Mr. Jonathan D. Bellman
Ms. Barbara J. Kelley
Ms. Barbara Kelley
Mr. Tom Kelley
Johanna Elizabeth Kelly
Thomas Dufficy
Robert and Mary Kelman
Ms. Barbara Kemp
Mr. Doug Kennard
Diana W. and F. Michael Kinsey
Ms. Sharon Kirts
Mark and Barbara Kiryluk
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Kitchen
Dr. and Mrs. Melvyn H. Klein
Phyllis Gottesfeld Knight
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Knutzen
The Koehler Family
Ms. Tasha Koontz
Mr. Robert Koppe
Ms. Susan Kotarba
Mrs. Anne M. Kotch
Mr. and Mrs. William Krantz
George and Ruth Krauss
Mr. Neal H. Engel and Ms. Jean M. Krusemark
Ms. Judy Kulp
John W. Kure and Cheryl L. Solich
Gregg Kvistad and Amy Oaks
Elizabeth B. Labrot
Ms. Becky LaChanzky
Ken and Barbara Laff
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. LaMair
Mr. Kenneth Lamport
Gayle and Gary Landis
Norman Lane
Danni L. Langdon and Carl Jacobson
Ms. Anja Lange and Mr. Clayton McMillan
Jeanne Land Foundation
Wanda M. Larson
Wesley E. and Catherine H. Le Masurier
Jack and Karen LeCuyer
Mr. and Mrs. C. Nicholas Lee
Ms. Christine Lee
Ms. Lisa Lee
Mr. Jason Lees
Ms. Katie Lehman
Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Leitch
Bruce and Eileen Leland
Mr. Damian Lemak
Ms. Ivy Leventhal and Mr. Mark T. Itkonen
Ms. Linda W. Lewis
Rosalind G. Lidstone
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Link
Ms. Janice Lippard
Nancy and Jack Lockwood
Ms. Eliza Longaker
Ms. Lisbeth Lord
Ms. Sheila Lowerre
David Luck, DVM
Mr. Curtis M.D. Lundberg
Mr. Maurice Lustgarten
Ms. Michelle Lustgarten
Lizabeth A. Lynner and James L. Palenchar
Frances A. MacAnally
Mr. and Mrs. William MacGowan
Dr. and Mrs. William R. Maclay
Mr. Scott MacLeod
Katie MacWilliams
Ms. Betty Mahaffey
Ms. Carolyn L. Malaby
Ms. Joan L. Malm
Jean and Larry Manion
Ms. Carol Manning
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Markey
Steve and Mara Marks
Lanny and Sharon Martin
Bill and Roberta Martin
Ms. Nicole Mashburn
Mr. Charles Mason
Ms. Margaret Masquelier
Ms. Jane Massie
Ms. Libbie Mathes
Pam and Mo Mathews
Suzanne Matthews
Catherine B. Maxwell
Michael B. and Veryl G. McBride
Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. McCann
Ms. Therese McCarthy
Mr. Ryan McCaw
Ms. Janet McClanahan
Catherine and Charles K. McClean
Mr. and Mrs. James Edgar McDonald, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. McGonagle
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. McGonagle
Mr. and Mrs. Terry McIntosh
Mr. William W. McIntyre and Mrs. Laura Martin
Priscilla Mead and Charles Edwards
Russell R. Mellon and Lauretta C. Moell
Ms. Cheryl Meyers-Saffold
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Micho
Ms. Pam Midboe
Ms. Anna Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Miller
Heather and Mike Miller
Trish Millice
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Montague-Clouse
Robert Montgomery
Dr. Brad Montgomery-Anderson
S. Moore
Doug and Laura Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Moraskie
Ms. Susan Morey
The Morss Dehncke Family
Lawrence Moskow
Ms. Heide Moss
Mutsumi Moteki and David Kirtley
Dr. Ron and Alys Moubry
Ms. Louise Mousseau
Rosemarie P. Murane
Ms. Amy Murray
Ms. Nancy Myer
Ms. Anne Myers
Mrs. Sandra Nance
Ms. Gwen Nappo
James V. Neely
Jane and Skip Netzorg
Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Neu
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Nicholson

Ms. Janice R. Norelius
Ms. Sarah Norton
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Oakes
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Obee
Mr. Richard O’Brecht
Mr. Curt Olds
Sudy Opsahl
Elizabeth Orr
Erin and Ilya Osovets
Ms. Dorris Ostwald
Ronald Y. Otsuka
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Graves
Mr. Daniel Packman and Mrs. Amy Gesmer-Packman
Mr. Mark Palmer
Ms. Phyllis Pancella
Mr. John Parker
Nancy S. Parker
Mr. Jonathan Peak
Pelham G. Pearce, Jr.
Mrs. Roxane Pecchio
Mr. Lloyd L. Peltzer
Bonnie C. Perkins
Mr. Brian Perry
Rhona and David Pessel
Mr. Jack Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Hans J. Peterson
Mr. Wayne Peterson
Ms. Jan Pettegrew
Mrs. Margaret A. Phannenstiel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Phelps, Jr.
A. R. Pickett
Lori Pidick and Mark Niles
Ms. Angela Pierce
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Pittman
Rich and Kim Plumridge
Mr. Sam G. Polk
Ms. Mary Pomarico
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Pons
Frederick Poppe and Jana Edwards
Dave and Bette Poppers
Ann and Ralph Poucher
Mr. William Powell
Carol S. Prescott
Kathryn L. Pride
Ms. Lisa Proch
Emily Pulley
Ms. Juliann Pulliam
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Quillin
Mr. Alexander and Mrs. Cynthia Read
Ms. Ann D. Reed
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Reid
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Reisser
Nancy and Gene Richards
Mary E. Moser and William A. Richey
Mr. Daniel L. Ritchie
Michael L. Ritchie
Karen and Andrew Ritz
Mary and Tom and Tom Rogers
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Rosenberg
Ms. Jane Rossitto
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Rostermundt
Ms. Sharon N. Rouse
Mr. Mike Rowse
Mr. and Mrs. R. Alan Rudy
Mr. Theodor Ruskin
Ms. Helen Rydell
Mr. and Mrs. Roger K. Ryman
Mrs. Yvonne D. Sainsbury
Ms. Kay Saltus
Mrs. Marilyn Saltzman
Steven and Barbara Sande
Dr. and Mrs. R. J. Sanders
Ms. Allyson Sawtell
Mary Scarpino
Ms. Karla Schapansky
Mr. and Ms. Walter A. Schenkman
Ella Schleicher
Ms. Suzanne Schmachtenberger
Mr. Nicholas E. Schmidt and Ms. Gail E. Brown
Ruth E. Schoening
Mr. Paul Schulte
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Schwartz
Mr. Sirio Sconzo
R. A. Seeliger
Ms. Rachel Segal
Karl and Jocelyn Seller
Ms. Marilyn E. Sena
Mr. Ned Shade
Ms. Therese Sheridan
Ms. Francine Sherman
Mr. Jason Shick
Randall and Carol Shinn
Mrs. Christine L. Shore
Robert and Lucy Showalter
Lorraine and Craig Shuler
Ms. Marcela Shykula
Lois L. Sidebottom
Nancy J. Siegel
Rick and Annie Siegrist
Grant and Tina Simpson
Ms. Elizabeth Singer
Catherine and Jacob Skokan
Ms. Roberta Sladovnik
Marriott and John Smart
Ms. Bonnie Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Smith
Dr. Edwin Smith
Wendy and Tim Smith
Mr. and Mrs. John Snyder
Mr. Phillip Snyder
Mr. Jim Sohre
Rita Sommers
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Sorrese
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Spaid
Mr. Thomas Sparn
Bruce and Linda Spear
Nancy and HJ Stalf
Dr. Carol Stamm
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Stava
Ms. Hannah Steffey
Ms. Dorothy Stein
Mr. and Mrs. Greig W. Steiner
Mr. Jeffrey Stephenson
Ms. Karen Stevens
Dr. Kay Stevenson
Ms. C. Jean Stewart
Susan Stiff
Jenene C. and James J. Stookesberry
Mrs. Lucy Strait
Laura Stuntz
Frank and Sylvia Sullivan
Mr. Stephen T. Susman
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Swanson
Ms. and Ms. Lynn Swearingen
James and Kathy Switzer
Mr. Vincent Szafranko
Donald and Robin Tallman
Mr. Jonathan Tanners and Ms. Jenny Shaughnessy
Linda Tarpeh-Doe
Ms. Carol Tarr
Mr. Dennis V. Thacker
Ms. Jean Theobald
Ms. Tina Thomas
Gary L. Thompson
Ms. Colleen W. Thumm
Joyce Thurmer
Mr. Lloyd O. Timblin, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Tisdall
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick K. Trask III
Mr. Garry Tribble
Barbara Trick
Amanda Trosten-Bloom and Barry Bloom
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tully
Mr. Adam Turner
Mr. James Twark and Ms. Monique Coustry
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Unger
Ms. Debbie Vallero
Karen H. Van De Water
Ms. Sara VanValkenburg
Buzz and George Ann Victor
Ms. Mary Vincent
Teresa Vogler
Heidemarie Wagner
Mr. Michael Walker
Tim Walker
Betty Wall and Rolland Fischer
Mr. Don Wall
Bill and Midge Wallace
Ms. Vicki Wallshein
Ms. Dianne Walston
John and Susan Ward
Russ and Margaret Wehner
Sara and Jeff Weil
Mr. Ed Weinell and Ms. Emilie Rose
Mr. Robert Weissmann
Jeff and Martha Welborn
Ms. Mary Ann Welch
Mr. and Mrs. Russell T. Welty
Mr. Robert Werge
Ms. Leigh West
Nancy and Jan Westman
Ms. Judith M. White
Mrs. Verlene B. White
Lyn W. Wickelgren
Ms. Carolyn Wicker
Pam and Sonny Wiegand
Eugene and Kathleen Wiggs
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Wilcox
Katie and David Wilkins
Mr. and Mrs. J. Russell Wilkins II
Ms. Catherine H. Williams
Mr. Brian Wilson
Jane and Jim Wiltshire
Sandy and Jerry Wischmeyer
Duain Wolfe
Eva Womack
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Woolley II
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Workman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Writz, Jr.
Ms. Sandra Wu
Vivien Wu and Martin Maltempo
Ms. Karen L. Yablonski-Toll
Carole J. Yaley
Ms. Carolyn Yamane
Dr. Dean Yannias
Mr. and Mrs. Gene A. Young
Jeffrey Zax and Judy Graham
George and Arla Zimmerman
Shira and Marty Zimmerman
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Zirin
Mary Marsh Zulack
“When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don’t be afraid of the dark.

At the end of the storm is a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of a lark.

Walk on through the wind,
Walk on through the rain,
Tho’ your dreams be tossed and blown.

Walk on, walk on
With hope in your heart
And you’ll never walk alone,
You’ll never walk alone.”

“You’ll Never Walk Alone”

Carousel, by Rodgers & Hammerstein

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