Opening Day 2010

Opening Day 2010 dawned gray and chilly last Saturday, but everyone was in high spirits, in anticipation of the day. The 2010 Central City Opera Flower Girls – Caroline Jeanne Ferguson Wong, Claire Hopkins Peterson, Rebecca Evelyn Gleichenhaus, and Meghan Alexandria Colip – gathered in the Teller House with their escorts to get ready to be presented to society. Meanwhile, we ushers gathered in front of Festival Hall in preparation for our own unique presentation: the Usher Song.
Thanks to fellow usher Kristin Orlando for this photo.
Later that afternoon, it started to pour, and for a few minutes we were all worried we’d have to do the Flower Girl ceremony inside. Luckily, the rain cleared up in time for everything to work out as planned. The girls were presented to the waiting crowd, and everyone cheered and complimented them on their lovely dresses. We ushers then sang and marched to the Usher Song. General/Artistic Director Pat Pearce ceremoniously opened the opera house doors for the first time in 2010, and declared that the festival had officially begun.
Then it was time for the waltz.

Photo Credit: Erin Joy Swank
Afterwards, everyone went off to dinner in the Teller House and then to the opening performance of Madama Butterfly. It went well from all aspects, and everyone was delighted to have been a part of such a lovely day.

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