Music & Martinis

It is raining cats and dogs in Central City this weekend, and I am thinking fondly back to last Thursday, when the fun of the Music & Martinis Event almost drove the rain away from Denver. It was a lovely evening full of fantastic entertainment and fancily dressed guests, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
The night was lively even before the performances began. John Moriarty got the chance to chat with some newly costumed interns,

Pat Pearce danced with the Can-can girls,

The rest of the evening went off very well. John Moriarty, Pat Pearce, and principal artist Emily Pulley gave entertaining introductions and commentary throughout the evening.

The apprentice artists sang, treating us to such classics as “Warm as the Autumn Light” from The Ballad of Baby Doe (sung by Sammus Haddad) and “You’ll Never Walk Alone” (sung by Monica Boldt). Other treats included an aria by the lovely Emily Pulley, a duet by Ms. Pulley and Pat Pearce, and a gorgeous piano number played by John Moriarty. There was also a lively auction and beautiful decorations including, of course, some yellow roses.

It did rain that evening, but guests were rewarded with an amazing double rainbow outside the Cable Center’s window.

I’m not sure how Central City Opera’s party planners pulled that one off, but they get major props from me, both for the rainbows and for a lovely evening!

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