Lunchtime Concert at the Library

This afternoon, patrons at the Boulder Public Library were treated to a free concert previewing the summer festival as well as showcasing other opera favorites performed by members of the Central City Opera Ensemble. I usually think of libraries as quiet places, but the walls were reverberating with the sound of opera today!

Juliette Bratsch of the library introduced us as a “gem of an opera company” and remarked that our productions are the best she’s seen anywhere. Deborah Morrow, Central City Opera’s Director of Education and Community Programs, briefly set up each piece giving context for what was about to be heard. Starting off with a marital spat scena from Orpheus in the Underworld, Tenor Jason Baldwin (accompanied by Deborah Schmit-Lobis) attempted to “change the faithless heart” of Soprano Amanda Raddatz, by playing her his latest violin concerto….much to the chagrin of his wife.

Next was Lt. Pinkerton’s beautiful aria “Addio fiorito” from Madama Butterfly, with audience members smiling along to the familiar tune. Patrons soon discovered a “new favorite” listening to the poignant shared memory between siblings in the Bridge Duet from Three Decembers.

The concert also included other opera favorites, and the audience was privy to a sneak-peek of the 2011 festival selections, before the official press release. If you weren’t there, you’ll have to wait to hear!

Save the date for our next Boulder Public Library concert on Sunday July 11th. We’ll be performing our original bilingual one-act opera En Mis Palabras (In My Own Words).

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