How well do you know the von Trapps?

The story of the von Trapp family has changed quite a bit over the years. There were even differences between the autobiographies written by Maria von Trapp and her stepdaughter Agathe (portrayed as Liesl in The Sound of Music). Can you guess where the following situations first appeared?

Your choices are:

A. Real life
B. The 1956 German film Die Trapp-Familie, which you can watch on YouTube (including English subtitles if you choose closed captions) 
C. The 1959 Broadway musical The Sound of Music 
D. The 1965 film The Sound of Music 

  1. Georg von Trapp uses a whistle to summon his children.
  2. Maria creates clothing for the children out of old curtains.
  3. Maria sings “I Have Confidence” while leaving the Abbey for the von Trapp villa.
  4. Maria and Georg return from their honeymoon a few days after the Anschluss (Nazi occupation.)
  5. It is the von Trapp boys’ idea to enter the music festival competition.
  6. Max Detweiler acts as the family’s manager.
  7. The von Trapps hide in the Abbey before escaping to Switzerland.
  8. Brigitta von Trapp is ten years old.
  9. Maria discusses warm wool mittens.
  10. Louisa can reportedly climb the trellis with a toad in her hand.
The answers can be found on page 49 of Central City Opera’s 2014 Opera Insider Festival Resource Guide.
The Sound of Music plays exclusively in the Ellie Caulkins Opera House of the Denver Performing Arts Complex from August 2-10, 2014.

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