Central City Happenings

It’s almost time for the season to start, and Central City is buzzing with people and activity. The season doesn’t officially begin until Saturday, but Madama Butterfly‘s final dress rehearsal is today, which means we have our first audience! Everyone has been preparing all week.

The ushers learned the famous Ushers’ Song last week, and this week we learned how to do our march down Eureka Street. Former intern and current Education and Community Programs Coordinator Deven Shaff was nice enough to come up from Denver and teach us the ropes. It was pretty fun, and we’re all psyched to try it for the first time in our uniforms this afternoon!
On Monday, the city of Central threw the opera company their annual picnic. The company showed up to find free food, drinks, and a lovely trio of musicians playing for our entertainment. There was mingling, swinging on swings (see studio artist Megan Gillespie and apprentice artist Monica Boldt to the right) and general merriment. It was a lovely event.

Later in the week I got the opportunity to see the Orpheus in the Underworld photoshoot, which was super fun and colorful. Look how awesome those costumes are! I can’t wait to see the whole ensemble in costume – it is going to be SWEET!
We hope to see you at a performance soon!

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