Central City Happenings

It’s a busy week here in Central City – Butterfly‘s rehearsals continue, Orpheus‘ rehearsals have just started, and Music and Martinis is on the horizon!

I had the pleasure of attending Orpheus‘ first rehearsal last night, and was delighted to be able to watch some choreography in progress. Director/Choreographer Marc Astafan* jumped right in to one of the dance numbers, and they start the Can-can tonight. So exciting! I can tell just by watching one rehearsal that this show is going to be hilarious, and I’m totally psyched.

Over the weekend, Central City was crowded with both Russian tourists (Who knew this town was an international destination? I didn’t.) and visitors to the Gilpin County Arts Association 64th Annual Fine Art Exhibition opening. I stopped by and was semi-shocked to discover that despite the fact that the Gilpin County Arts Association Gallery is somewhat nondescript from the outside, it is gorgeous on the inside, and pretty big too. I know I’m going to be spending some of my lunch breaks enjoying both the space and the art work, and I suggest you visit if you get the chance.
Next up, Music & Martinis and percussion load in. I can’t wait!
*View Marc Astafan’s Director’s Notes on Orpheus in the Underworld

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  1. Nancy says:

    Can't wait to hear Orpheus!

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