General Information

The Central City Opera House is located in Central City, Colorado, about a 50-minute drive west of Denver in the mountains. The Central City Opera House Association is a non-profit organization that presents professional opera in the historic Central City Opera House. Our Administrative and Box Offices are located in Denver, Colorado. For full contact information and operating office hours visit our Contact Us page.


Only subscribers can exchange their tickets; all other sales are considered final – no exchanges, no refunds*. No charge will be incurred if subscribers exchange prior to 24 hours before the scheduled performance (see exclusion for weekend sales below). Ticket exchanges within 24 hours of the performance start time will incur a $5 per ticket charge due to the volume of activity at the Box Office. For weekend performances, please call to exchange by 3 pm on Friday.

The original tickets (or a facsimile copy of the destroyed tickets) must be returned to us in order to receive the exchange, either through the Denver box office or at will call. All exchanges are subject to availability and may be subject to ticket price increases. There are no refunds for uneven exchanges. For further inquiry, contact the Box Office.

Refunds and Donating Tickets

Unless the performance is canceled, no refunds are given for any reason, including but not limited to supertitle malfunction, weather conditions, and change of cast or orchestra.

* However, you can donate your tickets up to the day before the performance during regular office hours and receive a credit for a tax-deductible gift. Ticket donations will only be given for main stage opera tickets. Simply deliver, mail, or fax in your tickets to the box office to receive credit for your donation. If you donate tickets within 24 hours of a performance, we will give you a tax deduction ONLY if your tickets are resold.

Lost Tickets

If you lose or forget your tickets up to the day before the performance, contact the Denver box office; we’ll replace your tickets, which you can pick up at will call the day of the performance. On the day of a performance, please go directly to the box office in Central City for replacement issuance. Replacement tickets will not be issued or sent in advance under any circumstances.


All performances start promptly at the advertised time. Latecomers and those who exit during the performance can view the opera via closed circuit television at the Teller House. You may be reseated in the Opera House at intermission.

We understand that due to many extenuating circumstances, patrons sometimes are unable to make it in time for our scheduled curtain and do our best to hold the curtain as long as possible. Unfortunately, as a non-profit arts organization, we must weigh various factors in regards to how long we can hold the start of a performance. These factors include substantial overtime costs incurred from our artists if the show should go over in length. Due to the historic nature of our building, it is difficult to allow late seating without interruption for a majority of our audience members. If there is a pause, we will attempt to seat latecomers as soon as possible. In the meantime, we do offer a live television stream of the performance in our Terrace Room for patrons to watch until seating is again appropriate, which may not be until after the first intermission. In order to inform our patrons ahead of time of potential delays, we have a link to the Colorado Department of Transportation on our website and also send this link via e-mail to keep patrons apprised of any construction or other issues in the area. Unfortunately, the I-70 corridor is increasingly busy during the summer weekends. Alternate routes may be advised.

Handling Fees

All single tickets will be charged a $5 per ticket handling fee.

Miscellaneous Information

House right and left seats in the balcony and Dress Circle are divided by even (right side) and odd (left side) numbers. Tickets in all other sections are consecutive numbers in the 100’s. No children under six years of age are permitted in any performances, including Youth Performances. No pagers, cellular phones, cameras, recording devices, animals, food or drink are allowed in the opera house. Casting, orchestra, and staging are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to refuse admission with the refund of ticket price for any reason.