MONDAY NUN DAY: Richard Rodgers’ Research for The Sound of Music

For today’s Monday Nun Day posting, we take a look into the creation of the music sung by the nuns in The Sound of Music. Did you know that this liturgical-style music was written specifically for the production? There’s also quite a bit more of it in the stage version than what you might remember from […]

The Sound of Music….Horror Film?

Happy Halloween! The 1965 Julie Andrews film The Sound of Music has become such an icon of American culture, it can’t help but be parodied. Quite often. One popular theme is to reset this sweet movie as a horror film. We’ve been featuring several of these “trailers” on our Facebook page throughout the week, and here’s […]

What to Listen for in The Barber of Seville

The Barber of Seville by Gioachino Rossini is one of the world’s best known and most loved operas – but because we have so many popular cultural references to the music, it may be helpful to know what to listen for when you’re actually experiencing it in the Opera House.  Let’s start with the overture.   […]

The Barber of Seville and Saturday Morning Cartoons

When you see The Barber of Seville in Central City this summer, you may find yourself tapping your toes to music that is incredibly familiar to you. What, you haven’t seen a production of the opera before? That’s okay, you’ve heard the music many, many times – in fact, so often that it’s like an […]


It is fairly well known that the musical Rent is based on Puccini’s La Bohème…with a few varied plot points. Especially the end. The direct correlations between those shows can be left for a future blog post, but did you know there’s a comparison to be made with Oklahoma! as well? The Off-Broadway satirical revue […]

More Fun with CARMEN as Central City Opera Stars Sing with Jim Henson Characters

In our continuing series of “Where Have I Heard That?” we return to the ever-popular Carmen. There is no end to the number of times this familiar music has been used in pop culture, appearing lately in ads for the reality TV show, Love in the Wild, and other commercials. But my favorite uses are still […]

Gilligan’s Island meets CARMEN and THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS

What does the TV show Gilligan’s Island have to do with this season’s fare at the Central City Opera 2011 Festival?  More than you’d think! Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale… In the 1966 episode “The Producer,” our favorite castaways received an unexpected island visit from Harold Hecuba (played by Phil Silvers). Hecuba […]