Where in the World is La Mancha?

“La Mancha,” translates as “The  Channel” and refers to a wide bleak plain in Spain (pictured above in red). It can also be translated as “The Stain” – not great for a knight’s home base. The climate, according to Dale Wasserman (Man of La Mancha), is “Nine months of winter and three months of hell…It’s […]

Spotlight On: Mezzo-Soprano Lucy Schaufer (Aldonza, MAN OF LA MANCHA)

Lucy Schaufer, Mezzo-SopranoAldonza, MAN OF LA MANCHA Today’s blog comes from an article in our 2015 Opera Insider (Festival Resource Guide), where Ms. Schaufer was interviewed by Erin Joy Swank of Central City Opera’s Education & Community Engagement staff. Our audiences are familiar with you in musical theatre roles, portraying Elsa in last year’s The […]

“Death by Aria” and the Artists Training Program

Editor’s note: This is our first post from Tyler Donovan, our 2015 PR/Marketing Assistant Festival Intern. Welcome! From left: Katherine R. Weber, Molly Hill, April Martin, Cristina Bakhoum. Maya Kherani, Hannah Christine Busch. and Tatiana Ogan The women of the 2015 Bonfils-Stanton Artists Training Program at “Death by Aria” Last Sunday, the annual Central City Opera […]