Fashion, Fun and Sin with Central City Opera’s Young Professional Events

The following post comes from our Young Professionals (YP) Project Manager, Heather Brecl.

It might not even be fair that I have the most fun job ever! The last two nights were incredible as we unleashed our Central City Opera energy at two fantastic happenings in Denver and Boulder.

Mondo fashion night: Wednesday night, we joined forces with vitaminwater at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) in a celebration of fashion and design, two of the many elements that make opera what it is! Eight young local designers created fashions inspired by the colors of this hip vita-drink. Their designs hit the runway for a crowd of 300 revved and happening Young Professionals to watch Project Runway’s Mondo Guerra pick the hottest, edgiest design. The winner walked away with Mondo’s stamp of approval and $1,000 from vitaminwater. The crowd also left as winners. Drinks that whet their appetite for fashion were served all evening from the bar, along with tasty bites from Three Tomatoes (including a decadent spread of desserts in the enormous elevator at the MCA. Hmmmm…. wonder how I knew about that!).  They also received colorful gift bags that included our Central City Opera Festival brochure, and tasty vitaminwater to take home.

YP Project Manager Heather Brecl with Mondo of Project Runway






The crowd applauds the winning design.
Central City Opera staff struts their stuff on the runway, too!


Central City Opera representatives Erin Joy Swank, Heather Quiroga, Valerie Hamlin and Heather Brecl

Ignite Boulder: After what seemed to be just a short break from the night before, a new Central City Opera YP friend and local Boulder comedienne, Robyn Krueger, lit up the stage at Ignite Boulder on Thursday night at the Chautauqua Auditorium. If you haven’t been to an Ignite Boulder, you won’t want to miss the next one. What is it? It’s a cult of epic proportions. Every event is sold out. Last night, wrapped in our coats or whatever wasn’t packed away for the winter, 1,300 (yes, there really were THAT many YPs out to listen to “presenters”) people packed into the enormous barn to listen to “geeks” present on their favorite topics. Now, I don’t know about you, but most of us can say that we are all too familiar with sin. Robyn brought the audience a little closer to “getting in touch with their inner sinner” in a hilarious and all-too-familiar glance at sin and pop-culture. Perhaps you were at home and tucked into your bed watching the live stream. If not, be sure to check out Ignite Boulder’s YouTube channel in the next week or so to see what Robyn had to say. Then, go forth and sin. Where???? My best suggestion… SinFest this summer “up on the hill” in Central, July 16 and 24 from 4-8pm. Enjoy a touch of opera and a big splash of sin. [Details]

The crowd.  Also check out the line of folks waiting to get inside!


YP Project Manager Heather Brecl and Director of Marketing Valerie Hamlin


Ignite Boulder organizer, Ef Rodriguez, on guitar.


Central City Opera sponsored the evening with witty ads all night.


Presenter Robyn Krueger



Robyn, Heather and Valerie

Next time we invite you to a Young Professional event, I hope we’ll see you there!!

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