Die Fledermaus

July 9 - July 31, 2022

Raise a glass to this festive operetta filled with lively escapades and sparkling music.

Die Fledermaus

Cheers! To the prankster’s revenge! 

Synopsis By Director Joachim Schamberger

Vienna, Late Nineteenth Century

A while back, Gabriel von Eisenstein played a practical joke on his friend, Dr. Falke. After a costume ball, Eisenstein left Dr. Falke drunk and asleep on a park bench wearing not much more than a bat mask. The next morning, Dr. Falke awoke to find himself being laughed at by a crowd of onlookers. He was soon to be known as Dr. Fledermaus (Dr. Bat). Now the moment has come for “Die Rache der Fledermaus,” or “The revenge of the Bat.”

Act I - Gabriel von Eisenstein’s house

Long before Rosalinde married Eisenstein, she and Alfred had an affair while attending music conservatory. Alfred, still in love with her, is serenading Rosalinde in front of her house and she is having a hard time resisting his advances. Then Adele, a chambermaid, receives a letter from her sister, Ida, inviting her to a party hosted by Prince Orlovsky. Adele pretends her aunt is sick to get out of work, but Rosalinde doesn’t believe her story.

Alfred suddenly hides when Eisenstein comes home with his lawyer, Dr. Blind. Eisenstein has been sentenced to eight days in jail for insulting a police officer. After blaming each other for the jail sentence, Eisenstein kicks Dr. Blind out. Dr. Falke arrives and encourages Eisenstein to delay his prison sentence in order to secretly attend Prince Orlovsky’s party. Dr. Falke convinces him to bring his “lady bait” (a charming little watch) to seduce the women and party like the good old days. Before Dr. Falke leaves, he secretly gives Rosalinde a letter telling her about Eisenstein’s plans and invites her to attend the party disguised as a Hungarian Countess.

Rosalinde gives Adele the night off, Eisenstein says goodbye to his wife, and all three have a hard time hiding their excitement for the upcoming events. Alfred returns for a romantic tête-à-tête with Rosalinde which is interrupted when the prison warden, Frank, and his ward, Frosch, come to escort Eisenstein to jail. To uphold Rosalinde’s reputation, Alfred pretends to be her husband and goes to prison in Eisenstein’s place.

Act II – The Century Ballroom

Act II – The Century Ballroom

Dr. Falke is finalizing party preparations and instructing guests, including Prince Orlovsky and Adele’s sister Ida, to play their role in his practical joke on Eisenstein. Adele shows up in one of Rosalinde’s dresses, but she and Ida worry someone may recognize her. Dr. Falke suggests that Adele be introduced as a young actress, “Miss Olga.” Eisenstein arrives and is announced as “Marquis Renard.” Prince Orlovsky encourages him to partake in some Russian national customs. Then Eisenstein seems to recognize Adele, but she convincingly proves that she could never be a chambermaid.

Frank arrives and is announced as “Chevalier Chagrin,” meets “Marquis Renard” and the two “Frenchmen” quickly become friends. Dr. Falke asks the guests for their discretion as a “Hungarian Countess” will now join the party, but wishes to stay incognito. Eisenstein can’t wait to use his “lady bait” to seduce the mysterious stranger, who is non-other than his own wife. He not only fails to convince Rosalinde to remove her mask, but also loses his watch while trying. Adele and Eisenstein question if the “Countess” is truly Hungarian, but Rosalinde dissolves all doubt by singing the “music from her fatherland.”

After a grand champagne toast, Dr. Falke suggests that all guests pledge eternal brotherhood. The clock strikes 6:00 a.m. and Eisenstein must leave in order to start his jail sentence. Dancing out arm in arm, neither “Marquis Renard” (Eisenstein) nor “Chevalier Chagrin” (Frank) realizes they will soon meet again at the jailhouse.

Act III - The local jail

Alfred, still imprisoned as Eisenstein, has annoyed the jailer Frosch all night by singing opera. Then Frank arrives, still drunk from the party. As he begins to take a nap, Ida and Adele enter and confess that although Adele is really Eisenstein’s chambermaid, she wishes to be an actress and they ask for “Chevalier Chagrin’s” help to further Adele’s career. Eisenstein arrives and is delighted to learn that his friend “Chevalier Chagrin” is none other than Frank. Frank is confused and doubtful that his friend “Marquis Renard” is actually Eisenstein, since “Eisenstein” was already arrested last night before the ball.

Rosalinde arrives to try to get Alfred out of jail. When the lawyer that Alfred had requested enters, it is not Dr. Blind, but Eisenstein in disguise. As Rosalinde and Alfred confess their flirtation, Eisenstein removes his disguise and accuses his wife of infidelity. Rosalinde the reveals the “lady bait” and Eisenstein is shocked to discover Rosalinde was the Hungarian Countess. Dr. Falke arrives with Prince Orlovsky and the party guests to reveal the entire charade was all his idea. Eisenstein receives his wife’s forgiveness and Dr. Falke enjoys “the revenge of the Bat.”

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*Please note: The July 19th performance of Die Fledermaus will be conducted by Associate Conductor Brandon Eldredge.

Performance Location

Central City Opera House
124 Eureka St.
Central City, CO 80427

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2022 Festival


Johann Strauss Jr. 


Karl Haffner and Richard Genée

Sung In

German (with English dialogue)

Run Time

2 hours, 39 minutes
with one 20-minute intermission