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Music! Words! Opera! Workshop for Educators:
Create Your Own Musical Story

The Music! Words! Opera! curriculum challenges students to experience communication and storytelling through methods beyond the spoken and written word. Opera and Music Theater invite students to explore fundamental means of human communication through language, music, dance, drama and visual arts.

By encouraging the basic human instinct for telling stories, students can be introduced to a whole new world of creative expression. Enhance core subjects while developing communication, collaboration and creative thinking.

The workshop guides teachers through the process of composing and producing an original musical work. Methods and curriculum apply to grades K-12. Learn more and register here.


In our Resource Center, find information about opera and history, as well as episodes of the Central City Opera Podcast, lesson plans, activities, and links to other educational sites. Look for each season’s Opera Insider for in-depth information about the operas and artists.


Educators can receive a discount for the Central City Opera Festival. Use the promo code TEACHER2018 when ordering tickets.