(Denver, CO, July 17, 2012) – Central City Opera presents Turn of the ScrewFest, a spooky-cool event on two evenings at Central City Opera’s historic Teller House featuring paranormal activities after matinee performances of Britten’s The Turn of the Screw on July 21 and 29. Event goers kick off the evening in “Lannie’s Lounge” with food and drink, followed by a performance by Ballet Nouveau Colorado in the Teller House lobby. The evening continues with an invitation to guests to choose-their-own adventure by attending burlesque/vaudeville performances back in the lounge or experiencing paranormal encounters on the second and fourth floors of the Teller House, including séances, readings with fortune tellers, and paranormal investigations. The evening begins immediately following the 2:30 matinee performance on July 21 and 29 and continues until 8 p.m. Guests must register for Turn of the ScrewFest in the Teller House lobby ½ hour prior to the matinee or after until the event begins at 4:45 pm.
Lannie’s Lounge

Turn of the ScrewFest begins in the Teller House Terrace Room, named “Lannie’s Lounge” for the evening, with fare from Tommyknockers, pub snacks and delectable fudge bites fromSeasonally Yours. Guests can toast the night with screwdrivers from Vodka 14 with a splash from vitaminwater, wine and a special British brew from Dostal Alley Brewpub and Casino.

Choose-you-own-adventure: Burlesque/Vaudeville or Paranormal Encounters?
An experiential multi-sensory event, Turn of the ScrewFest offers an out-of-this-world selection of spooky happenings that guests can participate in by choosing to attend the lounge performances and/or have paranormal encounters with the other side on the upper floors of the Teller House.

Burlesque/Vaudeville Show
The all-stars of Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret and other local performers take the stage in a burlesque/vaudeville show hosted by Tovio, a one-of-a-kind circus/vaudeville performer with a xylophone and juggling act. Tovio will introduce the audience to intimate performances by Roxy Star, the Mistress of Polesque, and her vintage burlesque pole dance; acrobatic balance acts byCarman Maria and Tatianna Tata; ragtime piano and stilt walking from Tom Too Tall; and sultry lounge acts by Lola Licious, Central City Opera’s own Italian diva, Jennifer DeDominici.Professor Phelyx will perform mind-bending illusions during his sleight-of-hand and sleight-of-mind magic show.

Paranormal Encounters
The second and fourth floors of the Teller House have many paranormal surprises at Turn of the ScrewFest. Vintage rooms serve as intimate spaces for séances, Tarot card readings, crystal ball gazings, crystal castings, Ouija board readings, dream interpretations, palm readings, animal communications and aura cleansings. The Gilpin County Historical Society will perform re-enactments of local ghosts that haunt the Teller House. Attendees can also to learn how to become real ghost busters at the Ghost Hunting 101 session with the masters of the paranormal,The OtherSide Investigations. For a spooky treat, guests can gamble with the dark side at the creepy carnival and win scary-cool prizes from The Wizard’s ChestIsis Books and Mondo.

ScrewFest goers enjoy VIP perks like tea and scones from Ceylon Pearl Tea and Cheryl’s Sweets and Treats at intermission of The Turn of the Screw, and 20% off at The Wizard’s Chestafter the event.

Tickets are $60, which includes the opera, The Turn of the Screw, and Turn of the ScrewFestfollowing. Patrons who already have purchased tickets to The Turn of the Screw can add on Turn of the ScrewFest for just $30. Visit www.centralcityopera.org/screwfest or call (303) 292-6700for tickets and more information.

Turn of the ScrewFest is an event of the 2012 Paranormal Project, events and happenings with organizations throughout Denver and beyond surrounding Central City Opera’s production of The Turn of the Screw this summer. Visit www.centralcityopera.org/paranormal for more information on the Paranormal Project.


Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret Burlesque/Vaudeville Artists’ Bios

Tovio (Tovio Roberts) has been performing in Circuses, Cabarets and Sideshows since the late 90s, co-founding Fire Fabulon, Cirkus Twerkus, and Hleb i Sir Cirkus, a humanitarian group performing shows in post-war Bosnia and Kosovo.

Carmen Maria (Carmen Schultz) trained in competitive gymnastics for 13 years and teaches full, broad spectrum acrobatics.

Tatianna Tata (Adrienne Jadwinski) is passionate about circus performing. Adrienne has been performing in different forms of Dance, Aerial Acrobatics, Burlesque and Vaudeville for over 12 years and is Head Aerial Coach of multiple aerial programs and summer camps in Denver.

Tom Too Tall (Matt Bergen) combines his skills and passion for performance and ragtime piano, developed as a young child, and desire to be taller than his brothers in a stilt walking ragtime show.

Professor Phelyx, one of the most entertaining mentalist magicians, brings his award-winning, impossible feats to the stage with charming, Vaudeville-like delivery.
Other Performing Artists’ Bios  

Lola Licious is Central City Opera’s own mezzo soprano Jennifer DeDominici, who performs everything from opera to musical theater to symphonic metal!

Ballet Nouveau Colorado has gained a regional and even national reputation for inventive, collaborative programming with a fresh, contemporary flair.


Turn of the ScrewFest Psychics’ Bios 

Numerous psychics who are associated with Isis Books store (2775 S Broadway in Denver) will be providing psychic readings and sessions for Turn of the ScrewFest.

Meghan Taft, a 6th generation Celtic psychic who has seen and heard spirits since childhood, provides services for spirit medium, gemstone readings, dream interpretation, clairvoyant, past lives, and energy clearings.

Jacqueline Weller, minister, psychic, teacher, author, spiritual hypnotherapist, healer and High Priestess of the Wicca, has been offering psychic readings for almost 30 years.

Lizanne Flynn, CRM/T, CCMT, and Owner of The Animals’ iView, specializes in connecting hearts and bridging dimensions for animals and their humans both living and in spirit as a certified Reiki Master/Teacher and canine massage therapist.

Gina Nigro, a professional psychic who uses her abilities to help clients gain perspective and answer questions concerning their past, present and future will be available for palm and tarot reading as well as crystal ball gazing.

Jeremy Scott Lambert, a talented, natural born intuitive psychic and spirit medium, does in person readings as well as phone readings.

Yanna Christine, Tarot reader for over 25 years, offers guidance in a tactful and compassionate way. She also has the ability to channel, through handwriting and pendulums, loved ones who have passed on.
Other Paranormal Participants’ Bios 

Mystical Magdalena, a prolific interpreter of the supernatural throughout her whole life, dazzles even the most skeptical believers as she journeys within the spirit world to reach beyond the borders of normality our earthly world provides.

The OtherSide Investigations, experts in the field of paranormal investigation, have been leading ghost hunts of historic properties benefitting non-profit organizations for many years, including the Grant Humphreys Mansion, Byers-Evans House and the Teller House.

Gilpin County Historical Society actively works to preserve Gilpin County’s colorful history through extensive historical research, reenactments, the annual Creepy Crawl in October and offering tours of historic properties in Central City and Blackhawk.


2012 Festival Ticket Information!

2012 Festival subscriptions include the options of a two-pack of Oklahoma! and La bohème or a three-pack including The Turn of the Screw. Subscriptions are on sale now starting at just $32 and single tickets start at $20. In addition to its slate of operas for 2012, CCO continues to present innovative Festival offerings such as jazz brunches, Lunch & a Song and Short Works performances that will enhance the Central City Opera experience. For more information or to purchase tickets for 2012, visit www.centralcityopera.org/tickets or call 303-292-6700.

Celebrating its 80th year, Central City Opera is the nation’s fifth-oldest opera company, located just 35 miles west of Denver in one of Colorado’s official National Landmark Historic Districts. The company continues to present artistically excellent professional opera in its annual summer festival; to offer career-entry training to young singers; to produce education and community programs; and to preserve and maintain the Opera House and 30 other Victorian-era properties.

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