How well do you know Central City Opera’s locations and historic trivia? Put your knowledge to the test by matching the pictures to the correct limerick below. A link to the answer key can be found at the bottom of the page.








Limerick #1:

I’m as plain on a face as a nose.

My color is sort of a rose.

I’ve not seen Juliet

For there’s no way to get

Up here for her Romeos.

Limerick #2:

High above you’ll see a bell.

Downstairs has a tale to tell.

Below lots of art.

O, do not lose heart!

Come inside and you’ll find my cell.

Limerick #3:

The big house sits in my view

And singers who live here aren’t few.

Look for the green vines

On my yellow rose signs.

Next door you’ll find many a pew.

Limerick #4:

Dark as night I’m found left and right.

You will find me out in plain sight.

I’ve named many a star.

Some near and some far.

See them here first in black and in white.

Limerick #5:

Gothic windows here all point to Him.

My stones were not laid on a whim.

Inside’s quiet and such.

Dress “cowboy casual” BUT

Nobody dares ever call me St. Jim.

Limerick #6:

If climbing becomes a big strain,

Just a few more steps up the mountain—

Thank the friend of Frederick

As you stand on the brick

And drink from our classic fountain.

Limerick #7:

You could tell-her-house wasn’t yours

Up the stairs go through the left doors.

Though not from a doll’s house

This one’s small as a mouse,

But it’s better than sitting on floors.

Limerick #8:

At the ceiling all day I must stare.

Tell me why I’m surrounded by glare.

The clinking of glass,

A foot on the brass,

O, please don’t spill beer in my hair.

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All limericks written by Carl Morrow.