Central City Opera’s Education department offers year-round learning for students of all ages. During this time at home, brush up on your opera knowledge, learn how to maximize your breathing with yoga created just for performers and do a complete course on the art of opera!

Opera Up Close

Our popular Opera Up Close program is now available online and for a limited time, you can access this course for free. Opera Up Close from Central City Opera introduces you to the art form and people of opera, both onstage and offstage. See photos of CCO productions, watch videos of performers from around the world, and take fun quizzes to test what you’ve learned.

Yoga and the Voice

Yoga and the Voice with Ruth L. Carter is a workshop offered by Central City Opera that combines the art and science of both singing technique and yoga practices to enhance students’ understanding of the mind/body/spirit connection and confidence in unleashing their own authentic voice. Watch 5 mini lessons for free by filling out this quick form.

25 Things You Didn’t know about Central City Opera

We’ve gathered 25 little or unknown facts about Central City Opera, going back to the mining days. Did you know that the famous opera house stage curtain is hand painted?

Examples of Different Voice Types in Opera

Can you pick out a coloratura soprano? Is there anything lower than a bass? Learn about the different voice types in opera and watch an example of each. Part of Central City Opera’s Education department’s Opera Up Close program.

All About Opera! Terms & Facts

Brush up on your opera terminology with our dictionary of opera words and facts. Did you know that the word opera most closely translates to “work”?

The Johnson House: A Love Story Through The Ages

With over 150 years of history, the Johnson House at 201 Eureka has stood as a testament to love, loss and the resilience of the town it inhabits. One of Central City Opera’s most beloved properties, the Johnson House recently underwent a major renovation by the American Society of Interior Designers.

Central City Opera History

The Central City Opera House was built in 1878 by Welsh and Cornish miners. This National Historic Landmark, centerpiece of the historic gold mining town of Central City, has hosted performances of the nation’s fifth-oldest opera company since 1932.

Central City Historic Properties

Central City Opera maintains the Opera House and 27 other properties in the Central City / Black Hawk National Landmark Historic District. The distinctive Opera House, the charming Teller House hotel, several former commercial and industrial buildings and more than two dozen houses are used as performance, training, and residence facilities for the Summer Opera Festival.