2024 Guild Calendar of Events

♦ January ♦

17th: Annual Guild Meeting, 11am-1pm @ Cherry Hills CC

♦ February ♦

14th: Guild Board Meeting, 9:30am

♦ March ♦

14th: Opera Teaser, 5:30pm @ Wellshire Events Center

27th: Guild Celebration - the first 25 years, 5pm @ DU Archives

28th: Spring Membership Invite Stuffing, 10am @ CCO Offices

♦ April ♦

3rd: Guild Board Meeting, 9:30am

5th: Theatre of Dreams

25th: Spring Membership Party

♦ May ♦

1st: Guild Board Meeting, 9:30am

11th: J. McLaughlin Sponsored Fundraiser

14th & 18th: Housewarming Days, 9am-3pm in Central City

♦ June ♦

2nd: Death by Aria/Apprentice Picnic

5th: Planting Day & Board Meeting, 9am in Central City

29th: 2024 Festival Begins

♦ July ♦

10th: Afternoon at the Opera

♦ August ♦

2nd: Opera Adventures

4th: 2024 Festival Ends

7th & 8th: Inventory Days

♦ September ♦

4th: Guild Board Meeting, 9:30am

7th: Xcel Day of Service

20th: Belle Luncheon

♦ October ♦

Artists Auditions

10th: Fall Membership Coffee

♦ November ♦

6th: Guild Board Meeting, 9:30am

21st: ‘Twas the Night Before, 6pm

22nd & 23rd: L’Esprit de Noël Holiday Home Tour

♦ December ♦

Presidents’ Luncheon

4th: Guild Board Holiday Luncheon