As a member of the Guild, there are many ways in which to get involved. Below is a list with brief descriptions of volunteer opportunities and the contact person for each. We hope you will dive in and join us!

Volunteer Opportunities


Contact: Karen Ritz,, 303-695-0118

Our Youth Education Series, Opera Rocks!, features engaging opportunities for 5- to 12-year-olds to experience the wonderful world of opera. Volunteers plan and oversee two yearly events: Opera and Art*, which takes place in the spring, and our signature youth event, Take a Child to the Opera* (TACO), which takes place during the Summer Festival, with a wonderful afternoon of activities culminating in a family matinee performance.


Contact: Karen Ritz,, 303-695-0118

An education committee oversees events to promote audience development. Our Opera Teaser* is held in the winter to introduce and promote the upcoming CCO Summer Festival season.  Opera Inside Out* gives opera patrons of all ages a peak behind the scenes in Central City in June, with a backstage tour and a performance of a short production by the Central City Opera Ensemble.


Contact: Kathy Tyree,, 303-761-4857

Join this active committee, which helps to maintain the 30+ historic buildings that house the cast and crew in Central City. This committee provides volunteers to ready the houses prior to the arrival of the artists for the summer festival and conduct to inventory and assess the needs of the houses after the festival artists leave in August.

FUNDRAISING (inc. L’Esprit de Noël)

Contacts (as of 2015): Maury Ankrum,, 303-564-9791 & Denise Sanderson,, 303-550-8350

L’Esprit de Noël* will takes place in November each year. Many volunteers are needed for the home tour and patron party. Check the Guild Members-Only page for the current co-chairs each year for how you can volunteer.


Contact: Bette Poppers,, 303-795-9743

Greet the Opera’s artists at the airport and transport them to their summer home in Central City for a chance to go behind the scenes with a friend in the cast! Each year, the artists arrive from mid-May through early June.


Contact: Nancy Parker,, 303-320-6620 and Christina Dinegar,, (303) 278-9541

One June morning, plant flowers in the Opera House Gardens to bloom provide a beautiful backdrop for the Summer Festival. Then reward yourself with the Guild’s gourmet picnic lunch!


Contact: Margaret Baker,, 303-680-2450

Each year, the Guild plans several events in the Denver area, both to promote Central City Opera to the community and to provide social functions for the Guild membership. Volunteer opportunities include hosting an event at your home, organizing a party, finding a venue for a gathering, designing invitations and more!


Contact: Margaret Baker,, 303-680-2450

There are many ways to get involved! Take over a job in which you have experience, or shadow someone and ease into a position. Volunteer opportunities include newsletter design, webmaster for the Guild pages of the CCO website, photography at our events, PR/marketing, graphic design for invites and programs, and general Guild communication to members and the community at large. Please join us in supporting Central City Opera!

* Public Events. Please visit the CCO calendar or events pages for more information and links to CCO events.