Horace Tabor’s Tumultuous Life: A Timeline

HoraceThe man once called “Silver King of the West” left little behind other than his name and a tragic love story. Here are some key events in his tumultuous life:

Nov. 26, 1830 – Horace Tabor born in Vermont. Worked as a teen in Maine quarry owned by Augusta Pierce’s father.

1855 – Tabor immigrates to Kansas Territory to homestead a farm.

1856 – Elected to Kansas Legislature.

Jan. 31, 1857 – Married Augusta Pierce in Maine; both returned to Kansas Territory.

1859 – Horace, Augusta and toddler Maxcy arrived at Colorado goldfields.

1877 – Elected Leadville’s first mayor.

1877 – Mrs. Harvey Doe (Elizabeth McCourt Doe), 23, arrived in Central City. Her husband was to work his father’s half stake in a gold mine, but lost interest, so Mrs. Doe went into the mine and worked, apparently the first woman to do so in that area.

1878 – Tabor elected Lieutenant Governor of Colorado.

May 1878 – Two miners grubstaked by Tabor hit pay dirt.  The stake becomes the Little Pittsburg mine.

1879 – Tabor Opera House in Leadville opened.

1880 – Tabor took up with “Baby” Doe, so named by the miners of Central City (now divorced from Harvey).

January 1881 – Tabor moved out of home; Augusta refused divorce.

Sept. 5, 1881 – Tabor Grand Opera House in Denver opened; Augusta barred from admission.

September 1882 – “Secret” divorce in Durango (Augusta never notified);

Sept. 28, 1882 – Baby Doe and Tabor allegedly married by St. Louis justice of peace.

January 1883 – Horace paid Augusta $280,000 in divorce settlement.

1883 – Horace appointed to serve out the U.S. Senate term of Henry M. Teller, who had resigned in order to become Secretary of the Interior.

March 1, 1883 – Tabor married Baby Doe in Washington, with President Chester Arthur attending.

July 13, 1884 – Elizabeth Bonduel Lily Tabor born.

Dec. 12, 1889 – Rose Mary Echo Silver Dollar Tabor born.

1892 – Tabor in debt for more than $800,000.

1893 The “Silver Panic” causes silver to drastically lose value.  Tabor fortune collapses.

Feb. 1, 1895 – Augusta, 62, a millionaire, died in Pasadena, Calif.

1897 – Tabor, age 67, worked tailings of an abandoned mine for $3 a day.

1898 – Friends got Tabor appointed Denver Postmaster; he and Baby moved into Windsor Hotel.

April 10, 1899 – Tabor died of infection from appendicitis.

1903 – Baby Doe moved to shack at the Matchless Mine, began guarding mine with a shotgun.

1925 – Silver Dollar found dead in unsavory Chicago boardinghouse.

March 7, 1935 – Baby Doe’s rag-wrapped, emaciated body found frozen in her shack at the Matchless Mine.

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