Interview with Elizabeth Welch, 2017 Theatre of Dreams Gala Entertainment!

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The SOLD OUT 2017 Theatre of Dreams Gala is this Friday, April 28 and will feature the internationally renowned sensation, Elizabeth Welch as entertainment for the evening! Even though the Theatre of Dreams Gala event is sold out, we still have tickets available for the 2017 Dream Events, a popular aspect of Central City Opera’s year-long special engagements throughout Denver and along the front-range.  Interested in purchasing?  Click here.

With this spectacular evening just a few days away, we asked Elizabeth to take a few moments to share her story so that we can get to know her better.

Whether you will be joining us for the Theatre of Dreams Gala or just want to know more about Elizabeth who is a native of Parker, Colorado, settle in and enjoy the following Q&A with her.

What has been one of the most unique spaces where you have performed?

The Tabor Opera House, during Leadville Days. That maybe not unique to you all, but I was a dancing girl in a turn-of-the-century burlesque, which is far from normal for me. In addition, the can-can at 10,000 feet is no joke! We all got to know and love the ghosts in our dressing rooms. It was a fantastic experience.

Has there been a time during a performance when something really went awry and how did you and the other performers carry on?

I have several of these from my years in The Phantom of the Opera. This was one of the many times I’ve gone on for Christine in the middle of the show. During “The Music of the Night”, the Phantom takes his cape and covers Christine, who has just fainted. The cape got wrapped around the pole he uses to pontoon the boat. When he pulled the cape, the pole came with and smacked our Christine in the head. She was a CHAMP. She finished out the following scene with tears streaming down her face but singing like an angel. I was the Mirror Bride at the time, so I watched the whole thing happen. The second we came off stage, she went to throw up from her mild concussion, and I went to get her mic and my Christine wig. We both got into the costume for the next scene, just in case I couldn’t get ready in time and she had to do the next scene as well. She ran off and I ran on just as the curtain was opening. We almost forgot my hat, so the dresser threw it, I caught it, and slammed it on my head at the last second. Then, in all that madness, I finished the show and we sent our dear Christine to the hospital.

What is it like playing one of the most famous roles in music theatre, Christine in The Phantom of the Opera?

It’s incredible. It’s an honor to tell her story every night. Each actor who has played Christine is unique, and we each bring something of our own to the part.  But, I am in really good company. They set the bar high, which keeps the rest of us on our toes. There is definitely pressure when performing “One of the most famous roles in musical theater”. But it’s best not to think of that when I’m on stage. She’s a person, and my only job is to tell her story.

Elizabeth-Welch CHRISTINE

What does your pre-performance routine look like?

I’m a creature of habit I think. For Christine we have to be there an hour before curtain. Three things have to happen before the show: make up, wig, and costume. With each of the steps I get a little more into show mode. Christine isn’t in the first scene of the show, so I use that time to fully settle into Christine’s world. I run through my little eight bars of dance, I sing a couple scales, and I watch the beginning of the scene from the wings. The good thing about Christine is that when she enters the scene she’s late and flustered. And when she first starts singing she’s nervous and shaky. So the “getting into character” part kind of happens on stage.

As a Colorado native, what is the first experience you recommend for anyone out of town?

Get in a car and drive west. Walk around downtown. Find a rock and soak in the clear, beautiful sun. Breathe in the clean, thin air. Eat Green Chili at Sam’s No. 3 and eat Mexican food. I say all this, because these are the things I miss most. I guess that’s more the one experience. Ha!

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