Central City Opera is in full bloom – Annual Planting Day June 7

Don’t miss the next Central City Opera Guild Event – An Afternoon at the Opera, July 19, 2017 at 12 pm. Open to the public, tickets on sale now!

If you’ve walked by the Central City Opera House in the past three weeks, you’ve probably seen the gorgeous flowers that are brightening the Opera House garden and patio. They are proof of the annual planting day, held on June 7 this year and organized by our very own Central City Opera Guild.


Planting Day is an annual tradition for Central City Opera, where volunteers come up to Central City and spend the morning filling the gardens and the streets around the Opera House with beautiful blooms. For the second year in a row, Guild members were joined by volunteers from InnoVest Portfolio Solutions. “Planting Day is so much fun because the gardens look so different in a very short period of time, shorter this year than usual with so many people to help,” said Nancy Parker, Chairman of Central City Opera House Association Board. “It makes a big difference.”


Planting Day holds a very special place in the hearts of many Central City Opera Guild members, including Guild President Edie Bell, who attended her tenth planting day this year. “I like coming up in about a month, when the opera starts, and seeing how everything’s filled in,” said Mrs. Bell. “It looks great today, but it will look even better in a month. It makes this whole place look so magical and beautiful.”


Planting Day is only one of many events that the Central City Opera Guild organizes throughout the year. Check out their upcoming event, An Afternoon at the Opera on Wednesday, July 19, where you can enjoy a seated lunch, a historic tour of Central City, and a performance of Così fan tutte.


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