Wednesday, September 12, 2018 | 5:00 to 8:00 pm 

The Family Jones Spirit House, Denver 


Hosted by Sally Scott and Kevin Kearney, Michelle and Mark Dorman, 

Brooke and Chas Maloy and Nicole and Bart Bansbach 


The modern blended family of The Family Jones Spirit House created by Paul Tamburello (Little Man Ice Cream), pioneer distiller Rob Masters and Justin Cucci (Linger, Root Down) among others is the rendezvous for this adventure in experimental distilling, custom cocktail creation and globally inspired savory food offerings. Tour the distillery; learn about grain-to-bottle spirits built with Colorado grains from innovative Whiskey Sisters Supply entrepreneur Stephanie Ohnmacht. Sip artisan cocktail creations made with unusual botanicals including Colorado pine and rosemary or evolving favorites such as the mango lassi and cherry gin sour. (Distillery law prohibits the sale of wine or beer in this establishment.) 


$90 per ticket ($35 for 35 years & under)  Limit: 42 Guests 

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