Thursday, June 7, 2018 | 6:00 pm | 41 Sunset Drive, Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113

Hosted by Arlene Johnson, Nancy Parker, Scott Finlay and Tom Duggan, Karen and Andrew Ritz, Margaret and Stan Baker and Christina and Leonard Dinegar

Let Central City Opera’s very own Brian Cook lead your intimate culinary adventure. Violist and avid chef, Brian will share his secrets for creating a delicious pasta dinner highlighting the north-west Italian region of Liguria. Start the evening with antipasto and Prosecco. Then together create the classic Corzetti pasta of Liguria for your meal while enjoying wine pairings by local sommelier, Ed Martin. The intricate design of the wooden Corzetti stamp* used to create your pasta originated during the Renaissance. A hand-carved wooden replica will be yours to take home. Coffee and Brian’s divine Italian semifreddo dessert wrap-up your evening. Buon appetito!

*Brian’s personal friend, Filippo Romagnoli a Florentine wood-carver living in the Chianti region of Italy, will hand-carve each Corzetti stamp.

$200 per ticket. Limit: 12 Guests

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