Final Three Weeks of 2011 Festival Consistent as a Colorado Rainstorm

I can’t say I wasn’t fairly warned. Before I moved here, one of the attributes of Colorado of which I was made aware was the fact that, starting around July, one can expect a daily rainstorm. Though these cloudbursts don’t last long, they have been consistent now for almost three weeks. Rolling in quickly and at different times of the day, these storms offer a different but consistent daily experience.
When recently caught in a downpour without my umbrella, I couldn’t help but realize the parallel between the Colorado climate and the 2011 Festival at Central City Opera. Over the next three weeks, the opera will present a shower of offerings on a consistent basis, as main stage performances and Fringe Festival events take place six days a week now through August 7th.
Ranging from the Chamber Music Series to the Nina Odescalchi Kelly Family Matinees, the next few weeks at Central City Opera are busier than ever. Check out our calendar for details on all of our offerings.Before you leave home, you can check the current and predicted weather conditions for Central City in our Visitor Information webpages.

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