A Day of Magic at the Opera!

Hopefully, you had a chance to head up the hill this summer and check out all that the 2011 Festival had to offer. There was certainly something for everyone of all interests and all ages.The final week offered a special day for kids! On August 4th, children found out that it doesn’t take a wizard to understand opera as they experienced the festivities surrounding the Family Matinee performance of Amadigi di Gaula. The Central City Opera Guild hosted Take a Child to the Opera where kids learned in a fun and engaging way about Amadigi and what it takes to put together an opera.

Deven Shaff and Deb Morrow of Central City Opera’s Education & Community Programs started off the event with some creative mind-bending ice breakers such as the Silent Machine. All joined in by creating a motion sans sound and becoming part of the machine!

Kids and adults all make a motion sans sound and create the Silent Machine.
Then, using the simple rhyme “Humpty Dumpty”, Deven demonstrated how an opera is built by having the kids create scenes from the action points in a story. Here you can see how all of the horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again!
Kids re-enact an action point from Humpty Dumpty – Poor Humpty!

The event culminated in the kids re-creating scenes from Amadigi so they would be ready for the opera! With special gifts from the Guild in hand (a Central City Opera rain poncho and a magic wand – a very fitting combination indeed!), everyone headed across the street to the Teller House for a magic show with The Wizard from The Wizard’s Chest in Cherry Creek. Hearing about the magical prestidigitations, a huge group of kids appeared to watch in wonder as they waited for a rabbit to come out of the hat!

The Wizard brought his bag of tricks from The Wizard’s Chest.
A huge audience of kids came to watch the magic of The Wizard before heading off to Amadigi.
As a final hurrah, all of the children followed the sorceress in a costume parade past the wizard through the Opera House Garden and back. The Wizard used his magic lightbulb to choose the costume winners.After an exciting start to the day, the children were treated to the simple magic of opera. Imagine what next year has in store…

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