Designer Dave Bova Reveals What’s Beneath the Wigs

Three summers with Central City Opera, eighteen Broadway credits, and thirty-two wigs in The Sound of Music. When asked how many hairs it takes to ventilate a single wig, consummate Wig and Makeup Designer Dave Bova wisecracked, “Oh God I don’t know. As many hairs as on the human head…thousands or more.” Bova has established […]

How well do you know the von Trapps?

The story of the von Trapp family has changed quite a bit over the years. There were even differences between the autobiographies written by Maria von Trapp and her stepdaughter Agathe (portrayed as Liesl in The Sound of Music). Can you guess where the following situations first appeared? Your choices are: A. Real life B. The […]

The Sound of Music: Comparing Timelines

The stage and screen versions of The Sound of Music were based on the real-life story of Maria von Trapp….but the timeline of events was severely condensed for dramatic purposes. Take a look below at the comparison; the musical compresses almost twelve years into a little more than three months on stage. Maria and Georg von […]

MONDAY NUN DAY: Richard Rodgers’ Research for The Sound of Music

For today’s Monday Nun Day posting, we take a look into the creation of the music sung by the nuns in The Sound of Music. Did you know that this liturgical-style music was written specifically for the production? There’s also quite a bit more of it in the stage version than what you might remember from […]

Maria Zifchak Discusses her Contrasting Maternal Roles

It’s a good thing Maria Zifchak is a Libra. By day she pleads for her condemned son’s life while suffocating under the publicity’s scrutiny, but by night she runs a private, bucolic convent while offering sage advice. Of course Ms. Zifchak is only acting in both scenarios, but her performances are so convincing one would […]

Central City Celebrates Annual Madam Lou Bunch Day

Central City is lovably quirky. It’s known simultaneously for its singing Opera House and dinging casinos. Its elevation is nearly 8,500 feet, placing it among the highest cities in the country. And once a year it’s host to dames on beds being pushed around by townsfolk in drag. Interns McEntee, Abernathy and Ting posing in […]

The Sound of Music….Horror Film?

Happy Halloween! The 1965 Julie Andrews film The Sound of Music has become such an icon of American culture, it can’t help but be parodied. Quite often. One popular theme is to reset this sweet movie as a horror film. We’ve been featuring several of these “trailers” on our Facebook page throughout the week, and here’s […]

Monday Nun Day: Happy Birthday, Mother Teresa!

Looking ahead to next year’s productions of Dead Man Walking and The Sound of Music, we are launching an occasional “Monday Nun Day” series. Today’s date just happens to coincide with the birthday of one of the world’s most famous nuns, Mother Teresa, born August 26, 1910. In 1999, a poll of Americans ranked her […]