MONDAY NUN DAY: Richard Rodgers’ Research for The Sound of Music

For today’s Monday Nun Day posting, we take a look into the creation of the music sung by the nuns in The Sound of Music. Did you know that this liturgical-style music was written specifically for the production? There’s also quite a bit more of it in the stage version than what you might remember from […]

Dead Man Walking stars on public radio this past weekend

If you’re a fan of Colorado Public Radio, you might have caught two of our Dead Man Walking artists over the airways this weekend. (They both play nuns, by chance, so we’ll call this another honorary “Monday Nun Day” post.)  If you missed them, it’s no problem – you can listen to them now online! Saturday […]

“Honorary” Monday Nun Day Post: Jennifer Rivera’s EP is released tomorrow and performed on radio this weekend

For today’s Monday Nun Day posting, we’re giving a shoutout to Jennifer Rivera who plays a nun this summer, portraying Sister Helen Prejean in Dead Man Walking. Tomorrow is the release date for Jennifer’s EP album The Garrison Keillor Songs, five songs written by the author who hosts A Prairie Home Companion on public radio. The music was composed by Grammy Award Winner Robert Aldridge. The album will […]

MONDAY NUN DAY: How Sister Helen Prejean Unwinds

It’s time for another “Monday Nun Day” posting, and we just had to share this fun video posted recently on Sister Helen Prejean’s Twitter feed. When asked what she liked to do just for herself….would you believe the answer involved ZOMBIES??? Sister Helen Prejean’s autobiography Dead Man Walking was the inspiration for the opera of the same […]

Monday Nun Day: Happy Birthday, Mother Teresa!

Looking ahead to next year’s productions of Dead Man Walking and The Sound of Music, we are launching an occasional “Monday Nun Day” series. Today’s date just happens to coincide with the birthday of one of the world’s most famous nuns, Mother Teresa, born August 26, 1910. In 1999, a poll of Americans ranked her […]