Central City Opera Podcast – Season 2, Ep. 25 – Lisa Zetah, Director of Marketing and Opera Neophyte

On this final episode of Season Two of the podcast, meet Director of Marketing Lisa Zetah. Brand-new to opera, Lisa shares some exciting plans for the company and gives her reactions to seeing her first summer festival, as well as how she’s not the only one to have “drunk the Central City Opera Koolaid” in […]

Did You Know? The Bonfils-Stanton Foundation Artists Training Program

Experience Central City Opera with an inside look at the festival’s history, performances, and people. Every summer, young singers from across the country, and often across the world, to sing at the Central City Opera Festival in the heart of Colorado. These are the members of the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation Artists Training Program, a summer-long young […]

Central City Opera Podcast – Season 2, Ep. 24 – Rachel Ginzberg & Erin Thompson-Janszen, Stage Managers

                    Want to know who the real Wizards behind the Curtains are? Stage managers Rachel Ginzberg and Erin Thompson-Janzsen are the nerve centers for COSI FAN TUTTE and CARMEN this season. On this episode, they’ll give you the run-down on what they’re doing right before curtain […]

Central City Opera Podcast – Season 2, Ep. 23 – Kim Peoria, Bassoonist, Orchestra Manager, and MORE

One of the hardest working people in our orchestra, bassoonist Kim Peoria is also the Orchestra Manager, Music Librarian, and Assistant to the Music Director. A part of Central City Opera for 26 years, Kim takes us behind the scenes and into the pit in this episode, sharing details such as how loud it gets […]

Central City Opera Podcast – Season 2, Ep. 22 – Andrew D. Edwards, Set & Costume Designer for COSI FAN TUTTE

On this episode of the podcast, meet the set and costume designer for COSI FAN TUTTE, Andrew D. Edwards. He discusses why he and director Stephen Barlow chose to set this opera around the year 1900 at a university, as well as how he designs for the opera stage and singers, what a costume fitting […]

Central City Opera Podcast – Season 2, Ep. 21 – David Martin Jacques, Lighting Designer

David Jacques is the longtime lighting designer at Central City Opera. I interviewed him over Skype back in April about what exactly a lighting designer DOES, and David explains how music and light go hand-in-hand. [insert soundbite here?] We also talk about how the people at CCO are like family to him and why those […]

Central City Opera Podcast – Season 2, Ep. 20 – Gina Perregrino and John Kun Park, Apprentice Artists

                  The Apprentice and Studio Artists of the Bonfils-Stanton Artists Training Program at Central City Opera are some of the most talented up-and-coming singers in the country. In addition to performing in the chorus, opera scenes, and one-act operas, many are also covering principal roles. On this […]

Central City Opera Podcast – Season 2, Ep. 19 – Bille Bruley, Nebuchadnezzar in THE BURNING FIERY FURNACE

If you saw The Prodigal Son in 2015 at Central City Opera, you’ll recognize this summer’s Nebuchadnezzar in The Burning Fiery Furnace – tenor Bille Bruley. A highly talented Britten interpreter, Bille shares how he is putting this updated production concept into a context that works for him, and describes this flawed King and his journey to […]