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How to download the Central City Opera Podcast

You’ve heard about the Central City Opera Podcast, our  latest “behind the curtain” offering, but you’ve never downloaded a podcast before? Never fear – we’ll talk you through it.

First – Determine which device you are using to listen to the podcast.

  • iPhone – Click on the built-in Podcasts App (it looks like the second image in the Gallery above) and click on Search. Type ‘Central City Opera Podcast’ into the search field, and our podcast will appear. Scroll down for the next steps.
  • Android phone (Samsung, Nexus, LG, HTC brands) –  You need to download the free Stitcher app first. Click on the Android Apps icon (it looks like the third image in the Gallery above) and swipe left until you find the Play Store icon. Tap on that icon. Tap the magnifying glass in the top-right, type in ‘Stitcher,’ and tap the magnifying glass on the keyboard to execute the search.
    Tap the three dots on the right side of the ‘Stitcher Radio for Podcasts’ app, (see the fourth image in the Gallery above) and you can install it right away. (iPhone users, the Stitcher app is also available on Apple products, if you prefer to use it over the built-in Podcasts app.)
  • Don’t have a smartphone? That’s okay – you can listen from a computer. Click on the media players on our weekly podcast episode releases. Go to this page to find the episodes.

iPhone users – read this next paragraph for your next steps. Android users, scroll down to the next paragraph.

iPhone users, you’ve searched for ‘Central City Opera Podcast’ in the search field, and now you’ve got a couple options. If you click on ‘Podcast Episodes,’ you can download each individual episode of our podcast by clicking on the cloud with an arrow icon to the right of each episode. If you click on the black Central City Opera Podcast icon in  ‘Podcasts,” however, you can SUBSCRIBE to our podcast. This is the preferred method of listening to our podcast, because you’ll only need to subscribe one time, and you’ll then get new episodes delivered to your device as soon as they are released. You can start listening as soon as you download an episode or subscribe to the podcast.

Android users – your next steps!

Android users, once you’ve downloaded the Stitcher app, open that app, click on the magnifying glass in the top right hand corner, and search for ‘Central City Opera Podcast.’ The title will show up below the search field; click on it. You’ve got two options now: 1) Click ‘Listen’ to start listening to episodes immediately, or 2) click on the plus sign in the upper right hand corner to add our podcast to your Favorites Playlist. This is the same as SUBSCRIBING to our podcast. Once you add it to your Favorites Playlist, new episodes will be delivered to your Stitcher app as soon as they are released.

Want to learn more about this season’s operas?

Get the inside scoop via Opera Insider, our festival guide featuring history on this season’s operas, insight into what inspired the composers and librettists to write them, interviews with the artists and opera-themed activities. Download the Opera Insider at or pick up a copy in our Gift Shop in Central City.

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