Props for the 2015 Festival



Props Master Ellie Engstrom
carves the back of a Chaise.
The Central City Opera Properties Department has just
finished refurbishing a chaise lounge that will be used in the upcoming production of La Traviata (opening July 11). “It was super fun and definitely one of the most interesting things to do for the show,” said  Ellie Engstrom, Props Master. In addition to applying a new stain to the wood, the old lounge chair needed to be stripped of its paint, sanded, reupholstered, retrimmed, and given a
Assistant Props Master Tori Schilling,
details part of the chaise lounge.
new back, which Engstrom personally created and carved. This
piece is one of many items that has to be created for this Festival’s lineup, which has proven to be diverse for Engstrom: “It’s a nice
balance of traditional and modern opera between La Traviata and Don Quixote.” Refurbishing furniture is a common practice in theatre in an attempt to tie existing furniture to current productions. Many skills that are learned by props artisans are as useful outside of the world of production as they are within it. Home reupholstery can be an easy way to revamp old or outdated furniture that is still usable. Moreover, painting techniques which are used in props design can be combined with this process to give the piece of furniture an artistic flair. In preparation for the opening of La Traviata next Saturday, the properties department is currently busy with transporting their props for the show from rehearsal spaces to the Opera House. Including the necessary furniture pieces in La Traviata, Engstrom and crew have created banquet tables of
realistic cakes, cookies, scones, and other dessert items.  Grab some tickets to CCO this Festival and check out what Ellie and other designers have created!


CCO Properties Department and the completed Chaise
(Behind, L to R: Chelsea Keuhnel, Hayley Parker; on chaise, L to R: Ellie Engstrom, Tori Schilling)

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