It is fairly well known that the musical Rent is based on Puccini’s La Bohème…with a few varied plot points. Especially the end. The direct correlations between those shows can be left for a future blog post, but did you know there’s a comparison to be made with Oklahoma! as well?

The Off-Broadway satirical revue Forbidden Broadway has a great tradition of spoofing whatever is currently playing in the Big Apple. Several years ago, they re-made Rent‘s “La Vie Bohème” into “This Ain’t Bohème.” The video below uses footage from the popular film, dubbed over with audio from Forbidden Broadway‘s take on the song. Note the lyrics about two minutes in: “We need a new show. The opposite of Rent ain’t Bohème….it’s Oklahoma!

To read the lyrics, click the YouTube button above; they’re included in the full description of the video.

If you’re not familiar with the original song from Rent, you can watch this scene from the movie which takes place in their version of the Café Momus.

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