You Know More Opera Than You Think You Do

In our continuing series of “Where Have I Heard That Before?” I bring you a few more popular uses of the music from this summer’s productions.

This week, I found this sweet clip using “O mio babbino caro” from Gianni SchicchiIt’s from the Peanuts special You’re a Good Skate, Charlie Brown. Good ol’ Woodstock to the beautiful, poetic rescue! (And how many times do you get to see Peppermint Patty all dressed up?)

I played the clip above for a friend who said “That’s from Gianni Schicchi? I know that one!” This same friend went so far as to re-post the clip on her Facebook page with the comment, “You know more opera than you think! Maybe you’ve even hummed this in the shower!” Yes, this aria is one of the most popular “opera tunes,” though I’m not sure it’s ever made it into my early-morning routine.

And for another opera clip, how many of you recognized Carmen‘s “Habanera” in an early scene of the Disney/Pixar film Up?

I guess opera is a part of Carl’s early-morning routine. The scene just wouldn’t be the same without the Carmen underscoring!

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