New Festival, New Look and New Life in Central City

[Editor’s Note: Here’s the first blog post from our new Public Relations Assistant and 2011 Festival Staffer, Jake Sinatra.]

Just as the trees begin to bud in Central City, new life abounds thanks to the Central City Opera Guild. The Guild swept over Central City this week for their annual “Planting Day.” All of the Central City Opera properties were refreshed with colorful flowers, serving as a reminder that the 2011 Festival is surely approaching.

The beginning of June also marks a sort of death and rebirth for the opera world—on June 3rd in 1875, Georges Bizet passed away at the age of 36 and exactly three months after the premiere of his legacy, Carmen. Much speculation circled around Bizet’s untimely passing, but it is almost certain that his death was due to heart failure. Regardless, Bizet remains well known today through the consistent performances of his masterwork. Even though Carmen was not initially well received, its return to Paris five years after Bizet’s death marked the beginning of the opera’s long-running success and establishment as a beloved staple to the opera repertoire.

With death comes new beginnings, some say, and this remains true as June 3rd also marks the date of the premiere of The Breasts of Tiresias, which opened in Paris in 1947. Poulenc based this comic opera on the play of the same title by Guillaume Apollinaire, which was first performed in 1917.

Don’t miss Bizet’s Carmen and Poulenc’s The Breasts of Tiresias, both of which are a part of this year’s Festival. Carmen will open on June 25 and The Breasts of Tiresias will be featured as a triple bill with other one-acts Gianni Schicchi and The Seven Deadly Sins, starting July 9th.

Below are some photos of the “new life” in Central City, courtesy of the Central City Opera Guild’s “Planting Day”:

Credit: Nancy Parker.


Credit: Nancy Parker.


Credit: Jake Sinatra.

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