Most operagoers dress in business attire, however matinees tend to be more casual, and opening nights tend to be more formal. While there is no official dress code, just keep the cooler temperatures in mind.

Opening Night Dress

Central City is at an elevation of 8,500 feet, which means the temperature is usually 10 to 20 degrees cooler than in Denver and nights are chilly. The Opera House is unheated but well insulated, with 3-foot thick stone walls. Be aware the inside temperature can vary from warm to cool. Be sure you have a jacket or wrap, and bring your umbrella, since most summer afternoons in the mountains include a brief rain shower. If you intend to explore the town, comfortable walking shoes are helpful in negotiating the steep streets.

Weather Information

Average summer temperatures in Central City:


June: 72.2°/41.9°

July: 77.3°/46.9°

August: 75.5°/45.8°