Matinees at 2:30 pm
Evenings at 8:00 pm
Runs June 30 through August 11
Oklahoma! Synopsis
Act I It is 1906 in the future state of Oklahoma, still a territory. On this “beautiful mornin’”, cowboy Curly McLain drops in on Aunt Eller and, more importantly, her niece, Laurey Williams, hoping to invite her to join him to a charity box social. He tells Laurey of his plans to rent a special carriage for the occasion, but she puts him off. Farm hand Jud Fry now invites Laurey, and she accepts, thinking to teach Curly a lesson, though she is afraid of Jud. Meanwhile, two young men hope to catch the eye of light-headed Ado Annie Carnes: the good-hearted cowboy Will Parker and the shady peddler Ali Hakim, whose intentions are less than honorable. As Annie famously “cain’t say no,” Ali hopes to have his fun and be gone, but Annie’s father forces Ali to agree to marry her. Now Curly and Laurey try to decide whether or not they are in love. Left to herself, Laurey dreams about Curly and also Jud, watching in horror as Jud kills Curly – in the dream. When she awakes, Jud is there to take her to the social, as agreed. INTERMISSION Act II At the school charity event, dancing is underway and the young men begin to bid on box suppers that their girls have prepared. Ali outbids Will for Annie’s basket, not wanting to have supper with Annie, but wanting Will to have enough money to persuade Annie’s father that he should be allowed to marry her, thus freeing Ali. When the time for bids on Laurey’s basket comes, Curly and Jud nearly come to blows. Curly only wins the auction by selling all his cowboy gear so as to have enough money. Jud confronts Laurey, trying to force himself on her. Frightened, she fires him. Scared of what she has done, Laurey runs to Curly who proposes to her. Shortly afterwards, they are married. On the evening of the wedding, Jud appears on the scene with a knife and attacks Curly. Curly dodges the blow, and Jud – falling on his own knife – suffers a fatal wound. A makeshift trial is organized and Curly is declared innocent of any charges, freeing the couple to depart on their honeymoon. Notes and synopsis by Betsy Schwarm with edits and additions by Director Ken Cazan