Matinees at 2:30 pm
Evenings at 8:00 pm
Runs July 14 through August 4
The Turn
of The Screw Synopsis
The Setting: An English country house called Bly. ACT I Prologue: A young governess has accepted a position in charge of two young orphans. Their guardian has mysteriously forbidden her to contact him. She’s on her own. Scene 1: The Journey. The Governess ponders her future position during the bumpy journey from London to Bly. Scene 2: The Welcome. She is encouraged by the affectionate reception she receives from her angelic young charges, Miles and Flora, and old Mrs Grose the housekeeper. Scene 3: The Letter. The Governess receives a letter from Miles’s school, stating that he has been expelled. No explanation has been given. Scene 4: The Tower. While enjoying an afternoon walk in the park of Bly, the Governess is perplexed by the appearance of a strange man on the tower of the house. Scene 5: The Window. The Governess is alarmed by the appearance of a man’s face at the window, looking in ‘directly at Miles’. Describing him to Mrs Grose, she hears that he must have been Peter Quint, the Guardian’s former valet who was left in charge of the house. Mrs Grose suspected him of having a strange influence over the children and their former governess, Miss Jessel. The Governess is shocked to hear that both Peter Quint and Miss Jessel are now in fact dead. Scene 6: The Schoolroom. Miles practises his Latin, Flora tries to help. Scene 7: The Lake. By the lake in the park, Flora plays with her doll. The Governess sees a figure staring at them from the opposite bank, who she imagines to be Miss Jessel. Scene 8: At Night. Miles and Flora are discovered in the garden in the dead of night by the Governess and Mrs Grose. Miles declares mysteriously that ‘he is bad’. INTERMISSION ACT II Scene 1: Colloquy and Soliloquy. Peter Quint and Miss Jessel vow to ensnare and destroy the children. The Governess despairs at her inability to halt the encroaching tide of evil. Scene 2: The Bells. In the churchyard, the Governess is convinced that the children’s apparently innocent play is in fact a form of contact with the ghosts of Quint and Jessel. She decides to abandon Bly immediately. Scene 3: Miss Jessel. The Governess is confronted by Miss Jessel in the schoolroom. She realises that she cannot leave the children in such peril, and writes a letter to their Guardian, beseeching him to see her. Synopsis by Director Alessandro Talevi